Is The Tinder Swindler Simon Leviev Really On TikTok?

An account claiming to be the dating app fraudster has garnered millions of views just days after his Instagram page was deleted.

Simon Leviev TikTok

by Lydia Spencer-Elliott |
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When The Tinder Swindler became the UK’s number one trending show on Netflix over the weekend many of us rushed to find Simon Leviev’s Instagram page and were left disappointed upon discovering that the account had been deleted.

But fans are now convinced that Leviev has swapped Instagram for TikTok as footage of the fraudster (real name Shimon Hayut) in sports cars, private jets, and yachts, has now begun to pop up on the app under the same username as his Instagram: @simon_leviev_official.

With over 19 thousand followers and millions of views, the account has posted a number of videos of Simon wearing designer clothes, smoking cigars and conducting business on private planes. Seemingly feeling guilt free, the bio for the account reads: ‘Have an amazing day everyone!’

It hasn’t been confirmed yet whether the account belongs to Leviev and, although there are many videos of him talking to the camera, suggesting the profile’s authenticity, the clips are often dubbed with music to conceal what he’s actually saying.

To add to the suspicion, some commenters have also pointed out that the videos appear to feature Simon’s ex-girlfriend, the Russian model Polina (who Netflix specified had dumped him), rather than his new girlfriend, the Israeli model Kate Konlin: ‘Y’all thinking this is really his page?! That’s his ex who dumped him these videos are so old,’ one user wrote.

When @simon_leviev_official interacts with followers, the comment replies seem almost too shameless to be real. ‘Feel free to send me your cash. I accept all the major credit cards,’ the creator wrote alongside the first video. ‘You paid for it, so have a magnificent day,’ they then told their followers (and/or victims?) alongside a video of Simon climbing into a red super car.

‘Yeah I mean this is fake, but I appreciate the charisma for being one of the first people to make an account of him,’ one fan told the account, to which the creator simply replied with a flying wad of cash emoji.

As the Netflix documentary about the fraudster’s crimes aired on Friday February 2nd and videos to the @simon_leviev_official Instagram account began to appear a day later on Saturday February 3rd, the timing does seem suspicious and the account is unlikely to be legit. But if the Netflix documentary taught us anything it’s that you can never be certain of anything with The Tinder Swindler.

It’s both intriguing and horrifying scrolling through the flashy footage that helped Simon con so many women out of hundreds of thousands of pounds. ‘Think what you want,’ one of the many captions reads. ‘It’s just business…Thank you ladies!’

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