All The Best Succession Memes From This Season So Far

'So you wanna come with me Sporus?'

Succession 3 memes

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Much to everyone’s delight, Succession is back for its fourth and final series. Season three ended on a series of bombshells and cliffhangers in a tour-de-force finale. Obviously we have a zillion questions about what comes next. Will Shiv and Tom stay together? Is Marcia still hanging around, with Kerry waiting in the wings? Have the children's bid to oust Logan Roy and turn the tables on their father ultimately failed or have they got one more manoeuvre up their sleeves? Will Shiv's workwear wardrobe reach even greater heights? What's next for the ever-present Karolina? And is it ever possible to make a Tomlette without breaking some Greggs?

From cousin Greg's best lines, to Kendall Roy's worst, worst moments, to the revelation that, like us, Logan Roy never gets round to reading his emails (is that plausible deniability?) let's take a look at some of the best memes from Succession....

The Best Succession Memes

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