Succession: Where Has Logan’s Wife Marcia Been?

And could she be about to play a pivotal role in season 4?

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The fourth and final season of Successionis well under way - and finally, we've had sight on Logan's third wife (now widow) Marcia (Hiam Abbass).

In episode one, 'The Munsters', her absence at Logan's birthday party was nodded to when Greg asked Logan's assistant/lover Kerry, 'Where's Marcia?' to which she repliesd, 'Marcia’s not here - she’s in Milan shopping. Forever.'

But following Logan's untimely death, Marcia is back from 'Milan', reappearing in a Death Becomes Her mourning veil (much to the Roy siblings' amusement), claiming that she and Logan were in constant contact, speaking twice a day, including 'intimate' phone calls. Clearly Marcia is back to stake her claim (and she's already sold the home she shared with Logan to Connor for a cool $63 million in the fastest ever negotiation we've witnessed on Succession).

Now she's back, could she play a key role in how the Waystar sale goes down? How happy is she going to be with Kendall and Roman taking the helm? And what more is she going to do to poor Kerry after humiliating the poor girl so viciously?

What happened to Marcia on Succession?

Marcia's evolution since the start of Succession saw her go from a rather cold and abrasive stepmother in season one to a power player with one of the most satisfying scenes in the show's history in season two, when she confronted Rhea (Holly Hunter) - the CEO of PGM, a company which Waystar buys - whom Logan had an affair with.

When Logan announced Rhea as his successor and the new CEO of Waystar, Marcia was not happy at all and was noticeably absent from the season two finale - presumably having left Logan.

At the start of season three Marcia was still nowhere to be seen. While Logan hot-footed it straight off to Sarajevo to avoid the legal ramifications of Kendall's betrayal, Marcia was not on the yacht with him. Eventually, Marcia answered Logan's summons and met him in Sarajevo and agreed to conduct a public display of unity for the press - but only to leverage a vastly improved divorce settlement for her and her children.

After that, we didn't hear much from, or about, Marcia.

Who is Hiam Abbass, the actress who plays Marcia in Succession?

Marcia is played by 62-year-old Palestinian actress and film director Hiam Abbass. In her extensive career she has appeared in several critically-acclaimed films including Satin Rouge (2002), The Syrian Bride (2004), Free Zone (2005), Munich (2005), The Visitor (2007), and The Lemon Tree (2008). On TV she has appeared in Netflix's The OA, Hulu's Ramy and the BBC Four miniseries The Promise.

She was married to French actor Zinedine Soualem but they have since divorced. They have two daughters, Lina and Mount.

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