So, What Time Is Love Island On ITV Hub?

And how to watch when you're on holiday...

Love Island

by Georgia Aspinall |

Guys, it’s official: Love Island has taken over our lives. So much so, it’s all anyone is Googling. The biggest question, a bug bear: ‘Why is Love Island not on the ITV Hub yet?’ Oh, dear Love Island viewers, so excited to watch that date between Davide and Ekin-Su that you can’t help but angrily demand answers from Google.

It’s not the only one, questions like ‘What time is Love Island on ITV Hub?’ and ‘Why is Love Island not on catch-up?’ are up more than 2000% on Google Trends – presumably due to last night’s Love Island being slow to upload. It’s understandable though, while many of us are slaves to the 9pm viewing, some – shock horror – actually have lives outside watching TV (couldn’t be me).

So, catering to the few among us who actually socialise on weekdays, allow us to answer your most-anticipated questions…

What time is Love Island on ITV Hub?

As we all well-know by now, Love Island airs in the UK at 9pm on ITV2. Typically, the show lasts around an hour, slightly longer if there’s a dumping. You can watch Love Island live on the ITV Hub, but you can’t start the show from the beginning while it’s airing live. So, for those of you missing that 9pm start and hoping to catch-up, that night’s episode of Love Island is officially uploaded to the ITV Hub for anytime viewing right after the live show ends. It might take a few minutes to appear, but typically you can watch Love Island on catch up within five minutes of the show ending on live television.

Why is Love Island not on the ITV Hub yet?

That being said, sometimes there are delays. As can happen with streaming services, technological issues mean that Love Island might not always appear on the ITV Hub for catching up quickly. Typically in that circumstance, when there’s a severe delay on watching the show, ITV will put out a statement on social media explaining why and when it will be available. You can follow Love Island’s Twitter here.

What about when I’m on holiday, how do I watch Love Island on the ITV Hub abroad?

If you’re watching from outside the UK, you will have noticed that Love Island is only available on region-locked services. Many places recommend that that if viewers abroad want to watch the show on their usual streaming service, they’ll need a VPN. VPN stands for ‘virtual private network’ — a service that protects your internet connection and privacy online – and downloading one makes it easy to unblock geo-restricted streaming platforms from abroad because you can connect to servers in the country where the show you want to watch is airing. Sounds complicated, I know – but it really isn’t, you can check out this complete guide to using a VPN from Comparitech here. It’s also completely legal (in case you were worried about how dodgy it all sounds) - there are no laws in the UK that prohibit VPN usage for encrypting your internet traffic except when it’s an act of criminal activity. However, you must still have a UK TV License to watch live TV.

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