Sex Education Fans, Adam’s Redemption Arc Is Coming!

The Sex Education actors have teased a 'change in dynamic' in Adam and Eric's relationship...

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We are almost there! On Friday 17th of September, Sex Education season three will be available on Netflix for our binging pleasure.

Now – we are all familiar with bad boy Adam Groff (Connor Swindells). Sex Education has continuously teased a blossoming romance between Adam and Eric since season one.

The duo finally got together in the season two finale, when Adam interrupted the school musical to declare his feelings for Eric, who chose to be with him instead of his boyfriend Rahim. Now all signs are saying they have actually given their relationship a go!

However, Sex Education fans have been sceptical about Adam’s intentions and questioned if he would eventually hurt fan favourite Eric. Their doubts about Adam are understandable - Adam is a loose cannon and in previous seasons we never knew if he was going to be nice or bully Eric.

Last season when Adam realised he was bisexual it became clear to everyone that he was projecting his own insecurities on Eric. Eric is very loud and proud about his sexuality and that almost scared Adam because he didn’t want to step into his truth.

He was never really sure who he was and always lived in the shadow of his dad (Moordale High's former headmaster).

Adam has a lot of growing up to do and it looks like season three might just be where this journey begins.

Are Adam and Eric in an official relationship?

Connor Swindles opened up about Adam’s journey this season - and it’s all very positive.

He told the Independent, 'Season three is a major turning point for Adam, who has a tough subject matter to deal with on his “redemption journey”.

He continued, ‘He’s coming to terms with his sexuality, and he is determined to start talking about his feelings and stop messing around at school.’

It looks like we will see a whole new Connor this season and Ncuti Gatwa (who plays Eric) echoed his sentiments.

He revealed that the start of season three catches up with the pair after spending the whole summer in an OFFICIAL relationship.

Ncuti explained, ‘I guess throughout the relationship has very much been dictated by the pace of Adam’s growth.’

‘But now they’re very much like on an equal status in the relationship, there’s not anywhere that any of them can hide behind anymore.

He continued, ‘Eric can demand, kind of what he wants, which I don’t think he was able to do before and so it’s just the changing dynamic.’

The actor also addressed the controversy of the relationship but reminded viewers the pair are still teenagers trying to navigate a new experience.

He said, ‘It’s an interesting relationship, because it’s one that’s obviously drawn quite a lot of controversy.

‘When you’re young, they’re both young. They’re both 17 – they were both 16 when they met each other – they didn’t make the wisest choices at 16.'

So, team Adam and Eric, there is hope for you yet!

Who is Connor Swindells?

Connor was born in East Sussex and was raised by his grandparents after his mother tragically passed away from bowel cancer.

He told the Independent about his family struggles during his childhood, ‘My grandad’s retirement money started to dry up fast,'

He added, 'My grandmother was now looking after two kids again, my dad and myself. We were quickly thrown from being a middle-class family to being a very, very working-class family. My dad, sadly, is disabled so he couldn’t work. We struggled to get by when I was nine or 10.'

Connor's acting journey started in a very unconventional way at 19 years old. After messing about in Brighton with friends, they came across an audition poster for a play. They egged him on to audition after he made a bet that he could be a better actor than them - which led to him getting the lead in The Trial by Franz Kafka.

Before landing his starring role playing Adam in Sex Education, he appeared in a few television shows and films.

He guest starred in an episode of Harlots and Sky One drama Jamestown. He also appeared in The Vanishing and starred as Adam in the drama film VS.

Connor also dated Sex Education co-star Aimee Lou Woods. However, the pair ended their relationship two years later in 2020.

Aimee told_Grazia_that the split was mutual, and they will always remain friends.

She revealed, 'We’d had some time apart and then we realised that maybe the relationship wasn’t serving us both.'

She confirmed the breakup was amicable, adding: 'We still really love each other and respect each other. It was an okay breakup, it wasn’t dramatic.'

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