Can Sex Education Fans Ever Forgive Isaac For Sabotaging Otis And Maeve Last Season?

Judging by the season three trailer, we're set to see more a lot more of the love triangle narrative...

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Sex Education returns on Monday September 17 and, for some characters who had more controversial storylines from last season, not all is forgiven. At least, that certainly goes for Isaac Goodwin, played by George Robinson, who notoriously deleted Otis Milburn's love confession for Maeve Wiley in the season two finale.

It was clear Isaac had a thing for Maeve, and now 'Do Maeve and Isaac get together?' is one of Google's top searches - so it's safe to say people are desperately waiting on the show's return to find out.

Do Maeve and Isaac get together?

From the trailer, it appears there is still tension between Otis and Isaac, but as of yet not one of the cast members has spilled the beans on who Maeve ends up with.

For as long as Maeve and Otis are kept apart though, it seems the internet will not forgive Isaac for coming in between their favourite (almost) couple, Maeve and Otis.

Of course, there's a lot to be said for the way the show explores ableism and identity through Isaac's character. Isaac, who tells several different versions of why he came to be in a wheelchair, creates a heart-warming friendship with Maeve that, if it wasn't for his attempts at sabotaging her and Otis, would surely be a fan-favourite bond.

In fact, George Robinson opened up to Teen Vogue earlier this year about how relieved he was that Sex Education actually chose an actor who has a disability for the role.

'Everyone pretty much knows someone who has a disability and yet the representation in media doesn't seem to be there in the same way, even though it’s certainly changing,' he said. ‘There’s been the precedent in the past of having wheelchair characters not being played by people in wheelchairs. I just thought that was such a refreshing thing when I got the call.’

He also stands by Isaac’s actions in the last episode of season two.

'If you look over the entire show, it could be seen to be an underhanded thing to do,' George explained. 'From Isaac's point of view, the only interaction that he has had with Otis is at the party where he's being a bit of a dick and he's being quite nasty to Maeve. So when Isaac hears this voicemail, he sort of just thinks, well I'm going to protect Maeve from that. I'm always going to be team Isaac on this. I think it's a job as an actor to be their representative, to be their lawyer.'

Fans of the show might disagree of course, but hopefully we'll get to see the character of Isaac explored further in season three - beyond just using him as an obstacle to Otis and Maeve's lovestory.

Who plays Isaac Goodwin in Sex Education?

Isaac Goodwin is played by George Robinson and is Sex Education's first disabled character.

George was paralysed in 2015 after an accident during a school rugby match in South Africa.

The actor always enjoyed drama but put his studies first in his early years. He went on to enrol as a Philosophy undergraduate at the University of Birmingham. However, after securing his breakout role as Isaac, he put his studies on hold.

Robinson made his Sex Education debut in the first episode of season two, and will be returning for the highly anticipated season three.

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