Carrie Bradshaw’s Work From Home Set-Up Is A World Of Pain

I couldn't help but wonder, how the hell wasn't she constantly at the chiropractor?

Sex And The City

by Rhiannon Evans |

Week 3425 of lockdown and I've finally accepted my cliched fate and started watching random episodes of Sex And The City again.

It's funny, when you're locked in your flat with nothing to do other than sit at your laptop, then move to another area and sit watching another screen (or two), what occurs to you.

And so, while I sat, hoping someone would put something interesting on Instagram stories to distract me from my boredom, I couldn't help but wonder, sat like that, how the hell wasn't Carrie Bradshaw constantly at the chiropractors?

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Her working from home set up is the stuff that keeps workplace assessors awake at 3am. The woman loves a perch and a kooky leg position. And has never supported her wrists in her life.

Recently, I watched the episode where Miranda cricks her neck and Carrie (because she's the worst) sends Aidan over to help her. THAT SHOULD BE YOU CRICKED ON THE FLOOR CARRIE!

The woman must have a spine made of steel, or the pain threshold of a cage fighter.

Anyway, just to give you sympathy neck pain, here's some of her worst WFH sitches.


SATC: Carrie Bradshaw's Terrible WFH set-up

SATC: Carrie Bradshaw's Terrible WFH set-up
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This is v 'I forgot I had a Zoom meeting when I planned a 'lunch hour' nap', so we'll forgive the state of undress, but Carrie, where is the back support? Your feet are nowhere near the floor!

SATC: Carrie Bradshaw's Terrible WFH set-up
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Never mind the perching - she is ALWAYS PERCHING, SHE MUST BE IN SO MUCH PAIN - this is an IT disaster waiting to happen. Look how finely balanced that latop is. And absolutely no support for the wrists. RSI here she comes.

SATC: Carrie Bradshaw's Terrible WFH set-up
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The first of many of the 'manspreader-stanced-typing' method that sure, might be a subtle comment on sexism and masculinity in taking up space on the subway, but likely, will just end up with you having very stiff groin muscles and hip flexers. Oh, and LAPTOP SHOULD BE EYE LEVEL CARRIE.

SATC: Carrie Bradshaw's Terrible WFH set-up
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EYE LEVEL WE TELL YOU! On the bed with one foot tucked under the other might look cute on Zoom hun, but by the time Jane from accounts has finished telling you about her weekend with the kids, your foot's going to be tinging with pins and needles like crazy. Then you're going to have to swing your legs and probable flash your crotch at everyone. Also -your poor NECK.

SATC: Carrie Bradshaw's Terrible WFH set-up
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Lounging on the chaise, back against the support and legs out still wouldn't have been totally ergonomically sound, but at least we could relate on cosiness levels. This, another PERCH is TOTAL MADNESS.

SATC: Carrie Bradshaw's Terrible WFH set-up
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Maybe Carrie's getting her splits stretches in while also working, and we get the multi-tasking, but the wide-leg just seems so uncomfortable to us, still. Anyway, we're more concerned about the absolutely numb arse Carrie is going to have when she finally gets off that wooden floor. OUCH.

SATC: Carrie Bradshaw's Terrible WFH set-up
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Ok, points for at least trying to raise the level of the laptop to the eyes, but this pillow is not going to help much - unstable, wobbly and no wrist support. And again, perching on the end of the bed with no back support whatsover, OUCH.

SATC: Carrie Bradshaw's Terrible WFH set-up
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You're not even trying here, Carrie FFS. Of course we've all be tempted to basically lie on bed all day and occasionally pop our head up for a lil Zoom, but no. No. Her POOR NECK.

SATC: Carrie Bradshaw's Terrible WFH set-up
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SATC: Carrie Bradshaw's Terrible WFH set-up
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Sure, when you've got a desk overlooking New York city, why wouldn't you perch on this chair, spread your legs and balance a laptop on a load of books.

SATC: Carrie Bradshaw's Terrible WFH set-up
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While a walk to your coffee shop to get some air and steps is recommended, this should be a work break, and taking your laptop is definitely not advised. Especially if you end up PERCHED on a stupid stool and looking down at your keyboard three feet below. Nice try with the weird arm band for Zoom dressing, but that's gonna really bug you by the end of the day.

SATC: Carrie Bradshaw's Terrible WFH set-up
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FINALLY, sat at a desk doing her hourly stretches. And making it look quite glam to be fair.

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