9 Times Carrie Bradshaw Was The Actual Worst

She's coming back. But will she be any less problematic?

6 Times Carrie Bradshaw Was The Actual Worst

by Jess Commons and Guy Pewsey |
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We love Sex And The City. We love Carrie Bradshaw. She is one of the most entertaining and interesting heroines in the history of television. But that doesn't mean that we are blind to the fact that the style icon, shoe goddess and queen of curls wasn't capable of being an absolutely awful person.

At the time, we tried to forgive her. But we changed our minds in 2018, when Sarah Jessica Parker herself admitted that even she struggled to get on board. 'In truth it took real work every day to be her, to understand her, to not judge her', she told the Wall Street Journal. And now, of course, she's returning to our screens via a reboot, And Just Like That. We're hoping she will have grown up a little.

With ever rewatch, it becomes more and more evident that Carrie was capable of cruelty and ignorance. So we're nailing our colours to the mast with our favourite examples of how she was the absolute worst. Are your key incidents included?

1. She was a bad friend

This could be an article in itself but we'll keep it brief.

There was the time Carrie sent Aiden to go and help a naked Miranda up when she slipped a disc in her back - remember the bullshit bagels!? Then there was the time Miranda got pregnant, wanted to get an abortion and Carrie spent three days wandering around the city musing over what would have happened if she herself hadn't got an abortion, all while Charlotte despaired over her own fertility issues. Way to make it all about you.

Or, and this was the best, when Miranda was suffering from borderline postnatal depression, doubting herself as a new mother and Carrie spent half an hour chewing her ear off about one of Aiden's ex-girlfriends who gave her a 'look' in the toilets. Perspective mate. It's a wonderful thing.

In the first film, Miranda's separation from her husband and father of her child was bequeathed one two minute conversation over breakfast out of the whole sorry two hour and 31 minute film. Carrie's jilted wedding with a guy she'd been umming and ahhing over for ten years warranted a pricey trip to Mexico for her fully employed friends, four days in bed with the blinds closed and an ill-advised hair colour change.

2. Her puns were relentless

'If you're tired you don't move to Napa, you take a napa'

And so was ruined and future holidays we may have wanted to take to the Northern Californian wine producing region. Carrie's laborious puns were a hallmark of the quartet's regular brunches, and were always a lowlight. Thanks mate. Thanks a bunch.

3. She was terrible at adulting

Carrie Bradshaw was not a 'girl'. No matter how many times she said it out loud. She was a grown up lady with a real (ish) job and responsibilities. But, rather than be a grown up like her friends, she instead invested her seemingly endless money (I wish it was the 90s - journalists today write triple what Carrie wrote in a week in a day and get paid a fraction of the cost) in pissing shoes ($40,000 worth to be precise). Which hardly gave her the right to throw a shitfit when her best mate wouldn't lend her the deposit for a flipping flat.

Remember when her friend Susan bought her a gorgeous cashmere birthday present in Season 2 and Carrie asked her if it was ok if she returned it and kept the cash? So rude.

4. 'I'm a writer'

Yes, Carrie's job was to write words. But there was something about her insistence on being a writer that rubbed us up the wrong way. She was a journalist. A columnist. And yes, she wrote books, but within the universe of the pre-film TV show, this was one tome, a collection of her columns. Describing herself as a writer suggested that she thought she was up there with Hemingway. Which, to be fair, she probably thought was true.

5. She was a bad, bad girlfriend.

Aiden was a catch. That man was one green juice away from being the living, breathing human equivalent of a detox yoga holiday at a spa in India. Hey, if you don't love someone, you don't love someone, but there's probably a better way to break up than hanging a curtain in your flat to separate you, refuse to wear his engagement ring, make fun of the house he built with his own actual hands, cheat on him, coerce him back into the relationship, then break up with him. Just saying.

That said, we're glad she ended up with Big. He's awful too. They deserve each other.

6. She had zero boundaries

Picture this if you will; you marry a guy who's handsome, rich, dreamy and the love of your life. Then, you catch him cheating on you, fall down and damage your tooth irreperably. After the divorce is finalised when you finally get up the gumption to get back out there on the dating scene, who should show up on your date? Oh, right, the woman that shagged your husband, wearing a newspaper print dress that looks like she purchased it from the sale rack of Jane Norman. Oh, and she's drinking your drink. Nice one mate. Nice one.

7. For a sex columnist, she was oddly set in her ways

Carrie's handling of Samantha's relationship with a woman was ignorant and judgmental. When she herself dated a bisexual, she couldn't handle it. Yes, it was a different time, but Carrie was a sex columnist. Her prudish ways were inexcusable. She treated Samantha's promiscuity as a subject of ridicule or shame, even though her friends' stories essentially paid her wages. Talk about biting the hand that feeds you.

8. She fat-shamed

Remember when Samantha put on a truly tiny bit of weight in the first Sex And The City film? Carrie greeted her at the door, noticed an extra inch around her dear friend's stomach, and physically recoiled before staging an intervention. Bad form, Carrie.

There are more. Trust us. Time for another rewatch.

9. She was all about false equivalence

Carrie was so blind to the fact that her problems weren't significant in the grand scheme of things that she tended to compare her issues with much bigger ones. Case in point? When she said that one of her predicamentsreminded her of The Troubles in Ireland. You don't need to be a history buff to know that that didn't go down very well.

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