Who Is The Man Selling Sunset’s Christine And Emma Both Dated?

This mystery ex-boyfriend is stirring up a lot of drama amongst the Oppenheim group…

Christine Quinn

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Yesterday the highly anticipated fourth season of Selling Sunsetwas released and we were whisked back into the real-estate world of sunny LA. From million-dollar houses, to six-inch Louboutin's and Christine Quinn’switty one-liners. Of course, the drama is the main topic of conversation. This season, the most talked about moment involves new agent Emma Hernan, and Christine's supposed relationship overlap with the same man.

The tension hit’s an all-time high when Christine revealed that he proposed to her just a mere few months before he also proposed to Emma. Despite Christine voicing her proposal story, many of the Oppenheim ladies denied that Christine was ever engaged. What followed was a lot of he-said-she said with the ladies trying to get to the source of the real story and timeline. But who is the man driving a wedge between the Oppenheim group? We investigate...

What happened between Emma Hernan and Christine Quinn?

It turns out the ladies have a loooong history and when Jason Oppenheim decided to bring Emma into the group, Christine is anything but thrilled. ‘I found out about [Christine] the day that I met her," Emma says in season four. 'It was not pleasant. I was leaving the gym with who I thought was my boyfriend and she pulled up with her friend and was like "Who the f*** is this?" and started screaming "This is my boyfriend."

However, from Christine's perspective the timeline of events are very different, '[It's a] long story. My ex-boyfriend was dating this girl at the same time he was dating me. I had no idea. I caught him red handed during the day with her. So, we broke up.' She later reveals in her confessional to camera, 'I know this happened years and years ago, but this is all coming back to life now because I wasn't aware Mary [Fitzgerald]continued her friendship with Emma after the cheating came out.'

Later, Christine reveals that co-star Heather Rae Youngalso went on a date with him too (much to Heather’s dismay.)

Emma also revealed on the show she is no longer engaged and is actually single now. She later addressed her feud with Christine in an interview with Cosmopolitan, stating: 'I mean, with girls in general...if there’s a guy or their relationship involved, there’s going to be some feelings. You'll definitely see it play out on camera. I stay true to who I am and I definitely try to take the high road with everything in life...Just pay very close attention to the facts. I can't give too much away, but let's just say you guys will be having some popcorn with that interaction.'

While Christine revealed to Page Sixthat she really wasn't bothered anymore about Emma dating her ex. She admitted that she was 'annoyed every single day,' by the ex drama, stating 'It’s not something that I would actually care about.'

Later, Christine reveals that Heather also went on a date with him too (much to Heather’s dismay.)

Who is the man both Christine Quinn and Emma Hernan dated?

Despite their relationship overlap being the driving force of this season, the man in question was never actually named. We also don’t have much to go by as they also don’t specify what year any of them were with him on the show.

There are some suspicions surrounding a man called Gregory Kelleher - there is an image of him kissing Emma on her mum’s Instagram. However, this dates back to 2014 and he is now married to another woman. There is no strong evidence that really points to him and it’s all just speculation.

The search for the mystery cheating ex continues …

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