The Crown: Did Princess Diana Really Have A Psychic In Derbyshire?

The Princess was in regular contact with psychic Rita Rogers

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by Nikki Peach |
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The first four episodes of the sixth and final season of The Crown have dropped, and Princess Diana takes centre stage. The hit Netflix series paints a picture of the final summer of Diana's life, including her relationship with Dodi Fayed and their tragic deaths following a car accident in Paris in 1997.

While there will always be debate around what's fact and what's fiction in The Crown, a lot of moments captured in the series did in fact happen in real life. One of which was that Princess Diana really did visit in psychic in Derbyshire a few weeks before she died.

Princess Diana met Rita Rogers, a psychic from Derbyshire, on more than one occasion. Most famously, she and Dodi Fayed flew by helicopter to the quiet village of Grassmoor to meet Rita, and given the somewhat conspicuous nature of their visit, the press soon followed.

The visit caught people's attention, but Diana had actually been in contact with Rita for four years – they'd met in person and had allegedly spoken on a weekly basis over the phone.

In an interview in 2003, Rita revealed: 'She rang at least once a week to see how I was as well as for readings. I still feel her around me. She's happy and she's proud of her boys.

'The crash was an accident - and no, she wasn't pregnant as people have said. She was very fond of Dodi. She rang me at 4pm, nine hours before the crash, to tell me she was in Paris and Dodi had gone to get the ring. But I know she was still very fond of Charles.'

Rita and the Princess of Wales struck up a close relationship, with Rita describing herself as a mother figure to Diana. Following the helicopter visit and Diana's death, Rita become known as 'Britain's most famous medium'.

Explaining why for that reading, as seen in The Crown, Diana decided to fly out to see her with Dodi, Rita said: 'I'd told her she would meet a man of foreign descent with the initial D on water - and that the man would be connected with the film industry.

'Not long after, she rang me one days and said, "Rita, guess where I am? I'm on a boat with a man I've just met called Dodi Fayed".' Rumour has it Dodi was so impressed by her soothsaying that he wanted to meet Rita in person.

Rita claims to have told Dodi to 'avoid France' and not to 'change his limo driver for fear of an accident in a tunnel', but she did not predict that Diana would be involved in the accident too. Apparently it still troubles her that she wasn't able to use her powers to predict or prevent the accident from happening.

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