MAFS UK: Can Alexis Ever Forgive Megan?

Does 'girl code' apply here?

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On last night’s Married At First Sight the second commitment ceremony took place. Old wounds were reopened after the experts asked Megan about her affair with Alexis’ ex-husband Jordon.

It poses an important relatable question as to whether Alexis should ever forgive Megan and whether anyone could trust a fried after that. It also brings up the unwritten girl code rules and whether Megan crossed that line. Megan was adamant that she should be trusted again but could you forgive and forget?

When speaking about the affair Meghan revealed, ‘We got caught up in the moment – Jordon kissed me, and I kissed him back.’ She turned to Alexis and said, ‘It’s still quite hurtful to hear that you still don’t trust me, because I thought we were really on a level about that.’ To which Alexis replied, ‘I gave you it at the beginning and you broke it, so now it has to be earned.’

Can Alexis ever forgive Meghan? Interestingly, the internet’s opinions are slightly more split than anticipated.

On one side, people are agreeing and questioning how she could you ever trust Megan again. Alexis has brought up that Megan has no girl code repeatedly - and to many people that is true. Megan did go behind her husband (Bob) and her friends back for her own selfish gain. Last week she even considered staying in the experiment so she could continue getting to know Jordon unknowingly to her husband.

However, the other side of the argument suggests that Alexis has already moved on with Ant and should focus on that. They also bring up an interesting point, suggesting that Alexis also had no girl code when she flirted with her friend Nikita’s husband at the dinner party. Even though she didn’t act on her feelings physically, it did set the wheels in motion for them to eventually partner up. Now that Nikita and Jordon are out of the picture – does it still mean Alexis should start dating Ant?

We must not forget the man in this situation, Jordon. Because he is no longer on the show it is so easy to forget him. Too often we pit the women against each other forgetting that Jordon also had a part to play in the chaos. But because the storyline has moved on without him – he has got off scott free!

Girl code has become an important topic amongst the women and whilst we agree with it - what place does girl code have in a reality tv show? For a show like Love Island which is a dating show – perhaps the rules can be bended. But on a show like Married at First Sight when you are committed to your partner I think girl code (because of the sanctity of their marriage) should be sacred.

‘Girl code’ is all about dating rules as a woman and the importance of staying loyal to your female friends. These unwritten rules include you can’t date your friend’s ex or flit with them – basically they are out of bounds. Also, if you saw your friend’s boyfriend cheating on them, you would immediately have them on speed dial, or take a picture for evidence – whatever you have to do, just get the evidence!

However, others might suggest that girl code is just a way to police women’s behaviour. Why don’t men have said code? Some women think that as you grow up – those things should become less of a factor, and you should support your friend finding love. It’s controversial but a valid point of view!

There are differing opinions on this topic and whether girl code comes to play on a reality tv show. I firmly believe it was wrong for Megan to do this and she is playing the victim in the situation. However, Jordon is also to blame but because he is no longer a part of the storyline the anger is only geared towards one person. But not everyone agrees - could you forgive Megan?

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