Married At First Sight UK: Why Franky Labelling Himself An ‘Alpha’ Is Problematic.

When does calling yourself an 'Alpha' male become a smokescreen for just being a d**k?


by Aaliyah Harry |
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On Married at First Sight UK Yes week continues- much to Franky’s dismay!

The experts set a task for this week which gave one half of the couple the control over everything - from who cooks, to who does all the washing. Marilyse was given full control and Franky had to say ‘yes’ to everything she suggested. Now, as we have seen previously with Franky, he is not the most open to being told what to do and this didn’t change with yes week!

When Marilyse offered an apron for him to wear whilst cooking, the look on his face was priceless. The internet was riled up by his response, ‘Well you know me I’m an alpha right so normally – if I’m gonna wear an apron, I would rather be naked. I just don’t like how it went down; I wasn’t in the best of moods.’

This is not the first time Franky has labelled himself as an 'alpha' and it seems he really believes he is one.

We all know someone who is a self-proclaimed ‘alpha male’. They are typically at the top of the social status hierarchy and described as 'real men'. As apposed to a 'beta male': weak, submissive men who are low status. An alpha male is known to take charge and impose his masculinity on others. An alpha leads by being intimidating and is always unquestionably in the right - no matter the situation. However this description is normally based on the observation of animals, and if applied to human behaviour it creates a one dimensional picture of masculinity. It also really undermines what is actually attractive to a woman.

But when does taking charge cross the line to controlling behaviour? The overwhelming response from the internet seem to think the latter, as do we. It seems that Franky uses the term ‘alpha male’ as a smoke screen for his controlling behaviour. There is no such thing as an alpha male– he is just showing signs of toxic masculinity.

And apparently it's not just us that has noticed Franky's controlling ways. The experts previously quizzed the duo about an imbalance of power in their relationship during the commitment ceremony last week.

Expert Mel Schillings asked, 'Marilyse, tell us a bit about the space that you have to lead an argument and have your needs met .' This was basically met with crickets because it never happens within their relationship. Marilyse is never given the space to express her needs or make any decisions for the couple or for herself.

Franky basically told Marilyse to tell the experts that he wasn’t controlling by pushing her into a corner in public– and it was shocking.

Marilyse revealed to the camera, ‘I want to see how good he is at cooking because I want these roles to be shared if we live together.’ Something tells us that these two are not on the same page at all…

Franky eventually carried out all the domestic tasks through gritted teeth and hid his anger behind calling Marilyse‘ love’ and ‘babe’. But anyone with eyes could see that Franky was struggling with being submissive.

Marilyse reflected on the the night stating, ‘I’m not too sure he enjoys taking orders of me that’s for sure.’ Which is an understatement in itself …

There is a widespread tendency to say, 'Well, boys will be boys.' - but I think we need to dismantle the language associated with men in order to stop these stereotypes from breeding.

When being a a self-proclaimed 'alpha male' is a way to over power and belittle a woman it should be called out for what it is .. being a d*ck!

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