MAFS UK 2023: Meet The Intruder Couples

These eight individuals are coming and in and causing some trouble.

MAFS UK 2023

by Daisy Hall |
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The 2023 series of MAFS UK officially kicked off last week and we were introduced to all the individuals willing to take the plunge and marry a stranger, including the show's first-ever trans contestant Ella Clark and reality TV veteran Nathanial Valentino.

Or so we thought...

Turns out there are four more couples (yes four!) heading into the experiment as 'intruder couples' and it looks like they're bringing plenty of drama with them.

But who are the eight individuals heading onto MAFS UK as intruder couples? Here's everything you need to know about them.


The Intruder Couples of MAFS UK 2023

Adrienne MAFSUK 20231 of 8

Adrienne MAFSUK 2023

Name: Adrienne

Age: 26

Occupation: Project Support Officer

Having left her family home at 15, Adrienne describes herself as 'fiercely independent', but she's now ready to look for someone equally self-driven that she can share a future with. Being from rural Cumbria however, Adrienne - who is full of newfound confidence after losing a life-changing eight stone - feels like she's run out of options and is hoping that the MAFS UK experts can find her a worthy man.

Bianca MAFSUK 20232 of 8

Bianca MAFSUK 2023

Name: Bianca

Age: 29

Occupation: Hair Extension Specialist

Another blonde bombshell heading onto MAFSUK is Bianca who, after prioritising her career for most of her adult life, says she is keen to find someone to settle down with. Bonus points if they love going out clubbing!

Erica MAFSUK 20233 of 8

Erica MAFSUK 2023

Name: Erica

Age: 25

Occupation: Dance Teacher and Social Media Manager

Fed up of the players she's met in Edinburgh, Erica is taking her search for a soulmate nationwide by handing over control to the MAFS UK experts.

After studying and pursuing a career in dance, Erica - who's been single for over a year now - lost her passion for performing and decided to become a dance teacher, something she finds extremely rewarding. She also recently set up her own social media business and thrives at being her own boss.

JJ MAFSUK 20234 of 8


Name: JJ

Age: 30

Occupation: Fashion Brand Owner

Describing himself as 'proud mummy's boy', JJ is big softie who's finally ready to settle down with the love of his life. Done with his jet-setting lifestyle in LA and fed up of being the only singleton in his friendship group, the Essex lad is looking for the real deal.

Jordan MAFSUK 20235 of 8

Jordan MAFSUK 2023

Name: Jordan

Age: 26

Occupation: Personal Trainer

Open about the fact that he's extremely picky when it comes to relationships, Northerner Jordan apparently 'steals the show' in any room he's in. Having been through some tough times, he's only got stronger and loves to make sure that people are having fun. With amazing friends in his corner, and a great career ahead of him, the only thing missing for Jordan is a life partner to share it all with.

Mark MAFSUK 20236 of 8

Mark MAFSUK 2023

Name: Mark

Age: 36

Occupation: Customer Service Manager

Mark’s motto is 'too much is never enough', and for him, looking good always comes first. But, underneath the glitz and glam is a man who has had his fair share of heartache and turmoil. 

Having been single since his mid-20s, Mark is hoping that the experts will be able to find him Mr Right.

Matt MAFSUK 20237 of 8

Matt MAFSUK 2023

Name: Matt

Age: 29

Occupation: Window Cleaner and Athlete

Hailing from Yorkshire, Matt admits that he wears his heart on his sleeve and wants to find someone that he can look after and care for. Here's hoping that the experts can work their magic for the self-described 'softie'.

Sean MAFSUK 20238 of 8

Sean MAFSUK 2023

Name: Sean

Age: 31

Occupation: Store Manager

Sean describes himself as a 'social butterfly' but, get on the wrong side of him and there could be trouble ahead, with his friends calling him ‘brutal Barry’ due to his outspoken and honest nature.

For his whole life, Sean has felt misunderstood and confused, with friends and family members knowing that he was gay before he did. Having only come out later in life, Sean feels that he is behind and has lost so many years that he could have spent navigating the gay scene. He has never had anything near a relationship, let alone love and - now that he's in his 30s - he feels like it's time to put his fate into the hands of the experts.

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