MAFS: Why Oh Why Did Experts Match Marilyse And Franky, When He Said He’d Prefer A Woman Without Children?

And why did Franky think it was OK to casually drop into conversation that he would have been happier if Marilyse was childless?

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by Bonnie McLaren |

Following a month of theatrics, it's finally crunch time on Married At First Sight UK. The couples are in their final week, and it's time to cross the bridge of whether they should stay married after the 'experiment' - or block each other on social media, hastily divorce and never speak to each other again. We're not going to lie, we don't have the highest hopes for most of the couples - apart from maybe Tayah and Adam, and Matt and Dan, who could prove us wrong.

The rest of the pairs, it seems, have been ill-matched. Personalities which are polar opposite have been put together - Luke and Morag, Bob and Megan, Josh and Amy - for the purpose of entertainment, and with Bob and Megan already gone, it doesn't seem like the other two couples are going to be embarking on a life of married bliss anytime soon. Unless pigs start flying.

Perhaps better matched personality-wise, at the start, Franky {:rel=nofollow}and Marliyse looked like one of the couples who might make it. But as Marilyse has started to speak up and find her voice after the last dinner party, the cracks in their relationship have been starting to show. And one of the biggest red flags happened in last night's episode, when Franky, after weeks on MAFS, finally admitted that he would have preferred to have been matched with a woman who didn't already have children.

Bit late in the 'experiment' to mention that, no? Bit of a dealbreaker? And, most importantly, bit majorly disrespectful to Marilyse and her two kids to just casually throw into conversation that it might have suited him better if she didn't previously give birth? We thought so! No wonder Marilyse said she was 'offended' and that they might not be meant to be.

Apart from the fact that we don't really think Franky should have mentioned this, while they were out on their final date, it leads us to ask yet again: why were they matched by the relationship experts when they had different views on children? Surely it's something which each of the contestants are asked in the application process - so why have the experts matched a woman, who already has children, with someone who didn't want someone with kids? It seems incredibly unfair on Marilyse, and her children, to only find this out now.

It's not the first time the relationship experts have matched people with opposing views on children, either. Initially, Luke and Morag {:rel=nofollow}were matched, even though Morag didn't want kids and Luke did. Now, Luke seems to have changed his mind, and said that he doesn't mind not having children - but as Morag stressed last night, it seems unfair if he's changed his mind just because of who he's matched with on the programme.

Anyway, if there's going to be another series of MAFS UK, can the experts please at least match up one of the most important things: whether or not people want children.

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