Married At First Sight Australia: What Happened To The Couples From Season Six?

A lot has happened since the show was filmed...

married at first sight australia what happened

by Bonnie McLaren |

If there's anything we've learnt this lockdown, it's that the Australians do Married At First Sight properly. The last UK series comprised of a mere four episodes - whereas its Australian counterpart, which is now airing on E4, has a whopping 40 episodes. Yes, 40. And yes, it definitely has enough drama to fill 40 episodes.

Season six is currently wrapping up in the UK on E4, and with nothing else to do, it's safe to say the UK has become completely obsessed with the (sometimes definitely engineered) drama and OTT characters. But as the show draws to a close, we understand if you've fallen out of love with the show, or simply haven't found the time to carry on. So here's how it all ends, and what happened since the very dramatic season was filmed.

Be warned, there are some big twists and turns.

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What Happened To The Couples From Married At First Sight Australia Season Six?
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Sam Ball and Elizabeth Sobinoff

Sam and Elizabeth might not have lasted, as Sam seemed far more interested in Ines. But Lizzie was the true winner - she was so popular with viewers she appeared on the next series of the show, finding love with Seb Guilhaus. But, sadly, they split earlier this month after a year together.

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