Made In Chelsea Cast’s TikTok Videos Are Dividing The Internet

‘Oh dear, humility is more attractive than a pretty face,' says one comment.

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Made in Chelseahas kept viewers thoroughly entertained this series. From Maeva D'Ascaniowell…just being Maeva, to Ruby Adler, Reza Amiri-Garroussi and Miles Nazaire’s love triangle. This has certainly been a series for the books!

While the cast have definitely got viewers’ attention on their tv screens, the same can be said for social media – but in a slightly different way. The MIC stars have hundreds of thousands of Instagram followers, and that has also now translated to TikTok too.

However, the videos the cast (mainly from the ‘tricep trio’) have posted on TikTok have divided fans opinions. In the first video Milesis seen doing a transition video that many would label a ‘thirst trap.’ He posted the video alongside a caption, ‘Well I never thought I would make this.’

The comments are very mixed with the top comment getting straight to the point and simply saying, ‘Ick.’ It seems many agree as the comment has over 700 likes - awkward.

Another said, ‘Oh dear, humility is more attractive than a pretty face.’

And one user suggested Miles should never have posted in in the first place,‘ I think this is one for the drafts,’ she concluded.

Not everyone agrees through as one comment said, ‘ The reason why we all watch MIC!”

Another user was impressed with his editing skills stating, 'Transition on point!!!'

In another video Fredrick Ferrier is seen singing into a microphone. As we have heard on MIC and seen across his social media, Fred is an avid singer and releases lots of music. He captioned the video,’ My live version of ‘Wicked Game’ by Chris Isaak is out! Wait for that looong held note at the end! My favourite part!’ Whilst everyone in the comments is a huge fan of his vocals and song choice, it’s the extra facial expressions that are throwing people off.

Made In Chelsea continues tonight on E4 and from the looks of things, the drama will only continue. Maeva is trying to push her friend (and Olivia Bentley’s ex) Digby Edgley away from her arch nemesis Verity Bowditch. Whilst of course the usual Ruby and Reza drama rumbles on.

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