‘I Didn’t See It Coming Whatsoever’: Verity Bowditch Discusses The Latest Made In Chelsea Plot Twist

Plus, Verity reveals why she wasn't available to film the first few episodes of the latest series of Made In Chelsea

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Made In Chelsea's 22nd series - currently airing at 9pm on Monday nights on E4 - is a distant memory for Verity Bowditch when she sits down to discuss the show, Christmas and everything in between with Grazia this month .'We finished filming this series around six weeks ago,' says Verity, who has come straight to Grazia's offices from Clean Kitchen, Camden, the first eat-in location of her latest business venture. Together with her business partner, YouTuber Mikey Pearce, Verity succeeded in raising £1.4 million in their first seed round this month, meaning major expansion is on the cards, with a flagship restaurant due to open in Soho imminently.

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Helming a start-up business in its first year has its challenges. 'Juggling everything has been a nightmare,' reveals Verity, 'I've had so much on. At the beginning I was still devoting a lot of time to my Pilates business too,' - Pilates With Verity came into its own during lockdown, during which Verity worked to instruct her clients through video sessions - 'It all came to a head and I realised I didn't have enough time to enjoy everything I was doing, it was all too much.' Verity's Clean Kitchen commitments meant she had to limit how much time she could devote to Made In Chelsea filming, 'I missed filming the first episode of this series because Clean Kitchen's first eat-in restaurant was opening in Camden, everything was happening at once.'

Eventually Verity realised that something had to give. 'I had to step back from trying to do it all. That's why I wasn't very present at the beginning of series 22, Mikey and I were bang in the middle of our busiest growth and fundraising period and there were days when I had five meetings back-to-back. I did eventually learn to delegate though, that's why I come back into the mix for the last six episodes of the season. I'm slowly learning how to balance things.'

Filming for Made In Chelsea's this time around proved to be a totally new experience for Verity. 'It's the first season, so far, in which I haven't been in a relationship of any sort. I had a boyfriend and when you're not single you don't get as involved. I was fresh from a breakup when I started filming this series. Being single on the show is very different, you're so much more a part of everything.' Most would assume being thrown into filming post-breakup would be taxing. 'I've been filming Made In Chelsea for three years now and it's second nature. I know the producers so well that it's like returning to a family. It's always really enjoyable.'

He came on very strong

A newly single Verity was thrown head first into the sort of Made In Chelsea drama that we've come to know and love, when one Julius Cowdrey set his sights on her. 'I was a bit confused when Julius tried it on with me, I didn't see it coming whatsoever and he came on very strong. He's a really great guy and a good friend, I'm actually really close to him, as I am with a lot of other Made In Chelsea cast members. It's a close group.' Did being close to Julius make rejecting his advances difficult? 'No, not really,' Verity laughs, 'maybe for him!'

In last night's episode Verity manages to inadvertently charm Digby Edgley too. Will romance blossom there? 'You'll have to wait and see! Nothing remarkable though, to be honest.'

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So, let's rewind three years. Who was Verity first attracted to when she joined the series? 'Initially I was just exhausted by James Taylor if I'm honest. He's the reason I was first brought in to Made In Chelsea and I only had eyes for him back then. Now I look back and wonder what I was thinking. Look where we are now!' Verity continues to spark anger in James' girlfriend Maeva D'Ascanio and Maeva's fury at Digby's interest in her proved to be a key moment in last night's episode.

As for upcoming episodes, Made In Chelsea devotees will likely be gearing up for the series' Christmas special. How will Verity be spending Christmas off-screen? 'I go back home to Dorset for Christmas every year. It's so wholesome. I spend time with my mum, my dad, all the animals. I visit the chickens, I go horse riding - we even put tinsel on the ponies' bridles - and I swim in the sea. It's gorgeous.'

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