Binky Felstead: Everything You Need To Know About The Made In Chelsea Star

She's one of the show's most beloved stars, and she's also welcomed baby number two. This is what you need to know.

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by Aimee Jakes |

It's no secret that one of our favourite Made In Chelsea castmates is Binky Felstead. Honestly, we are always so excited when she pops in on Kings Road.

Binky originally left the show in 2017 to focus on India, her daughter with ex-partner Josh Patterson. And she is now engaged to businessman Max Fredrik Darnton (the pair met while attending separate parties at Oxford's Soho Farmhouse).

In October, Binky revealed she and her fiancé were 'heartbroken' after learning they'd miscarried their baby at the 12 week mark, as they shared the news in an emotional Instagram message. Speaking in December, on an appearance on Steph's Packed Lunch, she said speaking out helped her 'process' the miscarriage, after admitting she didn't feel like herself. The reality star said: 'By talking about it and getting it out in the open, it helped me process it a lot as well and to know that other people out there have experienced, or are experiencing, the same thing as you.'

At the end of 2020, she announced she was pregnant with her second child. {:rel=nofollow}And now, she's welcomed the new arrival.

What is Binky short for?

Her parents nicknamed her Binky when she was a baby and, like the best nicknames, it kinda stuck. Her real name is Alexandra Elizabeth Felstead.

How old is Binky Felstead?

She is 31 years old and her birthday is the June 14 if you want to send her a card or a birthday tweet.

What is Binky Fesltead's net worth?

She is reported to be worth around 1.4 million pounds which is a lot more than me, now you've brought it up. Of course, Binky, one of the longest standing MIC stars, is worth a zillion pounds to us, because she's so god damn great. Actually, scrap that. She's priceless.

Who are Binky's parents? What do they do?

Binky’s mum Jane is perhaps better known as ‘Mummy Felstead,’ formerly a regular on the show who’d always pop up to dish out stellar dating advice over brunch while wearing cosy-looking cashmere knits (which, as it happens, is exactly what we see ourselves doing in a few decades time).

Does Binky have siblings?

Binky has an older sister Anna-Louise who is a New York based artist. You may remember she appeared on Made in Chelsea NYC and she was great. Binky has an older brother called Oliver who has yet to appear on the E4 show, but we wait in anticipation.

Does Binky have her own book?

She does indeed! Binks penned her own autobiography called ‘Being Binky: My Life in Chelsea’, which includes essential advice such as er... ‘Red Carpet Posing Tips’ because… yanno… we are always on that red carpet, with no clue which way to tilt our head… Oh how the other half live.

What was her upbringing like?

Very nice actually. She has great tales to tell about her adventures in East Sussex, including pony clubs. ski holidays and food fights. Don’t for a second think she is spoilt though chaps. Binks poignantly said in an interview 'I wanted to point out to the public that the perception of us all being posh brats is absolutely wrong. I've had a lovely upbringing, agreed, but I'm very grateful for everything I've had. I believe I'm a grounded person and enjoy working and making my own money. I can do what I want with it.’ So there you have it.

Where does Binky like to hang out?

Anywhere in Chelsea daaahling (do you not watch the show??) Maggie's, The Box, 86 Restaurant & Bar are also her fave.

Does Binky have Instagram?

But of course! For fashion, parenting tips and a whole load of adorable selfies with her kids follow Binky @binkyfelstead

Is Binky a mum?

Yesssss, indeed she is! Binky has a daughter called India with JP, son with her husband Max. She is also the co-founder of parenting expert blog Bloss.Life.

What are Binky's babies' names?

Binky and JP decided on India Elizabeth Felstead-Patterson for their daughter. Pretty bloody adorable isn't it? Also, Binky's middle name is Elizabeth too! Extra cute. The two of them officially announced the birth of their bouncing baby girl with an interview in OK magazine, with Binky sharing their super cute (shall we say cute one more time?) family cover shoot on Instagram. Shortly after Binks announced the name of her son with husband Max. In an Instagram post she announced her son's name is Wulfric Alexander Fredrik Darton. She wrote, 'He will be known as Wolfie ( unless he's naughty then it's definitely "Wulfric!" again) - we love it!

Is Binky married?

YES! Binky was dating businessman Max Fredrik Darnton for two years, after they met while attending separate parties at fancy retreat Soho Farmhouse. They got engaged in September 2020 - with Max asking Binky's daughter for permission to marry her. Aw!

The couple tied the knot in August this year - congrats!

Where does Binky Felstead live?

It's not really our business, but we can only assume Chelsea daahling.

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