Everything You Need To Know About Made In Chelsea’s Gareth Locke

Gareth and Ollie got married in 2020, in the first Made In Chelsea wedding.

Ollie Locke and Gareth Locke

by Bonnie McLaren |

Ollie Locke and Gareth Locke are one of our favourite couples on Made In Chelsea. In fact, the pair are so perfect for each other, they even had the same surnames (obvs by complete coincidence) before they married. Gareth has been on Made In Chelsea since 2018, and Ollie and Gareth even got married on the show as part of the show's 10th anniversary, in a beautiful ceremony at the Natural History Museum. (Chelsea weddings are casual, obviously!) On the show, they have also documented their emotional journey of trying to become parents.

Who is Gareth Locke?

Like a lot of people on Made In Chelsea, Gareth's main job isn't actually being a cast member on the hit reality show. In fact, he's actually a self-employed fashion business consultant and strategist. Previously, he was a commercial director at luxury clothing brand Holland Cooper, which specialises in tweed clothing.

When did Ollie and Gareth Locke get married?

The pair tied the knot at the end of 2020, after many setbacks due to the coronavirus pandemic. Ollie and Gareth originally got in engaged in 2018, after Gareth proposed to Ollie in Kensington Park Gardens.

But boy, did they manage to pull off the wedding eventually - having a stunning ceremony at the Natural History Museum, which was then aired on Made In Chelsea, just before England went into its second lockdown. (Ollie even said the secret wedding was planned in just 48 hours!) Due to restrictions there were only 13 guests in attendance, which included bridesmaids, and MIC costars, Binky Felstead and Olivia Bentley.

Later sharing a snap of the special day on Instagram, Ollie wrote: 'Being ever the wallflower, when you're told you're only allowed to have thirteen people at your wedding hours before a second national lockdown! Organise a entire wedding in 48 hours in the National History Museum under a blue whale, to be aired on national television in front of millions! From only a few people being in the room to becoming the biggest watched wedding in Britian in 2020! We wanted more than anything to have you with us on the journey, and we are so lucky to have had the opportunity to share it with you.. and as always, with anything that stands in your way, I promise.. Love will always win'

Is Gareth Locke on Instagram?

Like all good reality stars, of course Gareth Locke is on Instagram. He currently has over 100,000 followers. You can follow him below. Expect to see loads of cute shots of him and Ollie.

What is Gareth Locke's maiden name?

Yep - as we just said, his maiden name was also Locke. Gareth now goes by the name Gareth Locke-Locke, as does Ollie. It's like he and Ollie were destined to be.

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