Love Island: What Is About Lucinda’s Voice That People Find So Jarring?

Viewers think she's infantilizing herself, but perhaps we should be discussing why men are so attracted to baby voices instead.

love island lucinda strafford voice

by Georgia Aspinall |

Last night, Love Island well and truly became The Lucinda Strafford Show. Her new love triangle with Aaron Francis and Danny Bibby had all the islanders talking, notably about how hilariously awkward her curve of Aaron’s kiss was.

While there’s plenty to discuss about Lucinda’s narrative on the show – particularly, Danny’s increasingly concerning behaviour towards her – one thing viewers can’t stop commenting on is her voice. Yes, reaaaaaaalllllyyyyyy.

It was noted almost as soon as she entered the villa, her accent questioned for its similarity to people from Essex despite the fact Lucinda is from Brighton. But it’s not really her accent that’s jarring most viewers – that would just be blatant classism – it’s her unique ability to drag words out far beyond their usual syllables, with an intonation that suggests shock at the simplest of statements, and always answer questions with another question.

Even the other Islanders have started picking up on it, with a hilarious clip from Love Island Unseen Bits showing Liam Reardon and Millie Fuller imitating her this weekend (which, by the way, you should watch even just to see Liam and Millie’s actual personalities over the less than notable narrative they’ve been given on the main show).

Of course, on the outside world – it’s less laughing with Lucinda, more laughing at her it seems. The same thing happened with Chloe Burrows. Viewers have accused both of them of putting on ‘baby voices’ to attract men, because their idiolect does seem to change depending on who they’re conversing with (Chloe’s more problematically than Lucinda’s, we should add).

If that is the case though, it’s working for them. All the men have at some point fell at Chloe or Lucinda’s feet with the simplest ‘Oh myyyy Gooodddd’. And to be honest? That says a lot more about the men than it does them.

Yes, they may be infantilising themselves, or dumbing themselves down, in order to attract men - and that’s uncomfortable to watch sometimes. But the thing is, this is literally a game show in which women need to attract men to win. And winning doesn’t just mean £50,000 anymore – these days it means 1million marketable (!) followers on Instagram, and a Pretty Little Thing clothing contract if you can stick around long enough.

If Lucinda and Chloe are playing this game then in order to win – which Lucinda all but admitted in deciding to stay on the show for ‘opportunity’ instead of leaving with Brad McClelland – they’re actually doing a great job at ensuring a long-term place. For all the talk of dumbing herself down, Lucinda's ability to avoid awkward questions simply by repeating them back to the person asking is incredible (and hilarious).

And honestly, we don’t blame them if it is all about the game, riches are hard to come by for Gen Z these days and a PLT deal is fair compensation for the trolling they’ve both received.

It’s more uncomfortable that men are attracted to infantilising behaviour than it is women are succumbing to it.

The men, however, don’t seem to be playing a game when it comes to who they’re attracted to - and the fact is, it’s more uncomfortable that men are attracted to that kind of infantilising behaviour than it is women are succumbing to it. If we didn’t live in a world that values women on their looks – and their attachment to men – perhaps they wouldn’t need to.

Maybe then we wouldn’t here the world ‘Really’ go on for 10-seconds a time, nor would we be subject to incredibly loud cackles at the shittiest of jokes, but while men are this simple that flirting is literally acting like a child, we will be - and that’s worth exploring in therapy, lads.

Don’t blame Lucinda then, blame the men that practically propose to her after three (very long) words. In the great words of John F. Kennedy, ‘Ask not why Lucinda speaks like this, but why men are obsessed with her because of it.’

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