‘Lily Gave Me All The Confidence’: Lucien Laviscount On Starring In Emily In Paris And His Luxe New BOSS Campaign

Sitting down with Grazia’s editor Hattie Brett, Lucien talks style, social media and season three of the hit Netflix show...

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Given the campaign for the refreshed BOSS brand stars personalities with a combined social media following of 400 million, it was no surprise that the launch party in a Dubai desert earlier this month was like a playground for content creators.

There was Khaby Lame – the second most followed person on TikTok, famous for silently mocking life hack videos – and his bodyguards chasing across the dunes in 4x4s. Models, athletes and influencers sand-skiing, surfing and taking selfies with camels. And, in a somewhat meta move, Mindy and Alfie from Emily In Paris watching from Bedouin tents. So what would Emily herself have made of such social-media catnip? ‘She’d be taking pictures everywhere,’ Lucien Laviscount, who plays Alfie, tells Grazia. ‘And Alfie would be at the bar!’

BOSS Campaign
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Lucien admits there was a certain amount of pressure joining such a hyped show – ‘I felt like the new kid in school’ – but that Lily Collins, who plays Emily, was a supporter from the start. ‘Lily came up to me at the read through and said, “This is going to be trouble,”’ he recalls. ‘I said, “What does that mean?” She said, “Lucien, trust me, you’ve got this.” It gave me all the confidence.’

Lily wasn’t wrong. Emily In Paris has made Lucien a household name and Gen-Z crush, as well as landing him on the BOSS catwalk in Dubai, where he wears the new collection with the insouciance he’s become known for. ‘I love something where I can get straight out of bed and look really sexy, so I love the oversized fit,’ he says of why BOSS suits his style. And why does he think Emily In Paris has such appeal? ‘You watch an episode and, in that 15 seconds afterwards, you look at your partner or your friend and you just want to talk about it straight away.’

My goal in life is to hit 35 and not have to have a phone.

All the memes and hot takes the show has spawned on social media, though, aren’t of interest to Lucien. ‘I’m not the biggest endorser of scrolling,’ he says. ‘I turn my phone off on a Sunday. My goal in life is to hit 35 and not have to have a phone.’ While he believes social media can be an amazing tool when used for good, he’s acutely aware of the perils of what he calls living in the ‘filter generation’. ‘It can be quite toxic,’ he says. ‘It’s not reality.’

Indeed, Lucien insists that, Dubai desert parties aside, he lives a quiet life in the countryside. ‘I’m big on journaling. I’m big on setting the bar high for myself. I have three or four goals every day and I don’t want to say in 20 years’ time that I’ll regret anything,’ he says, explaining why he buys into the #BeYourOwnBoss mantra that accompanies the German brand’s new look.

Forget the next 20 years though; what of the year ahead, which promises a third series of Emily In Paris? While Lucien says he doesn’t know any specifics, there is plenty he’ll admit he’d like to happen. ‘I’d love to see Lily take more of a co-ownership of the company... sorry, Emily,’ he laughs. ‘And step into that boss role a little bit more and make some decisions. I think that’s one thing that Emily’s still really figuring out about herself. It’s sexy that she’s still at that stage but it would be nice to see her bring some deals to the table.’

Watch. This. Space.

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