Love Island’s Yewande Biala Writes An Open Letter To Amber Gill: ‘You’re Amazing, Please Don’t Take Michael Back’

In a heartfelt letter, the Love Island star speaks for all of us (and all of Twitter) when she explains why she thinks Amber should go for Greg instead


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Dear Amber,

You have handled yourself amazingly. You have been so composed and mature about the whole Michael situation. You’re kind, caring and so funny. But, at the same time, you’re a bad fucking bitch (you tell that to me all the time!) you’re straight-up - and you’re not afraid of what anyone else thinks of you.

Please, remember all these amazing things about yourself - and don’t take Michael back.

To put it simply,Michael is being very "CHALDISH!” He’s had his chance, and now he’s taking his cake and eating it - and that’s not the way it works! He needs to let it go.

Even though I know you really like him, honestly, I don’t know if it’s going to work the second time round.

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I think his feelings towards you are genuine - but he just let his pride get in the way, which is a massive shame. He didn’t want to believe that he liked you as much as he did - and that’s what I think went wrong there.

I’m so angry with him, because the Michael in the villanow is not the Michael who was in there when I left.

My proudest moment was when you went up to Michael and told him how you felt - I know you sometimes hide your feelings, so that was such a big step for you.

You’ve grown as a person so much during your time in the villa, and it was amazing to watch you pull him up and say, “I still really like you, this is how I feel” - that was such a key moment for you.

But it’s time for the both of you to move on, even though I think - if Michael didn’t crack on to Joanna - that you could work on the outside.

Instead, I think you should give Grega chance. I know that he’s the only one in the villa who’s your type, and I know from what I’ve seen that you definitely do fancy him a little bit!

It would be nice to give him a shot, as Micheal has had so many opportunities - and he’s turned every single one of them down.

Amber, all I want is to see you genuinely happy again, this time in a healthy relationship.

I am so excited for you to leave the villa; there’s so many things I want us to do together. I’m going to be waiting for you at the airport, complete with a banner and a t-shirt! And I don’t care if that’s cringey.


If you’re still there, I will 100% be voting for you to win. Same with Anna, as I love you both equally; you’re my girls!

But apart from not taking Michael back, there’s no more advice that I can give you - just keep on being yourself, because you are absolutely incredible.

I can’t wait to see you on the outside - all my love,

Yewande xo

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