Love Island’s Yewande Biala: ‘I Don’t See Arabella And Danny Ever Working On The Outside’

After last night's explosive episode, the ex-Islander speaks to Grazia in a (v. candid) interview...

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Last night, much to the dismay of thousands of viewers, Yewande Biala was dumped from Love Island. Controversially, the Irish scientist was forced to leave the villa after the recoupling, when Danny Williams - the model who she was coupled with - chose ‘bombshell’ Arabella over her (despite the fact he had only known Arabella for three days). Here, the 23-year-old gives her first interview to Grazia; revealing why she thinks the new couple won’t work on the outside, why she thinks Danny played her and why maybe Anton should have picked her to stay in the villa instead ofLucie.

How are you feeling now the dust has settled?

I’m disappointed that my journey was cut really short, I feel like I had so much more to give. And I feel like I didn’t experience the whole Love Island experience. But looking back now I probably now I probably left at a good time. Obviously I’m struggling with the Arabella and Danny situation but I was there more days than some people would have hoped for. Just to even get the chance to be on the show and experience the emotions – i’m really lucky for that.

What’s your verdict on Arabella?

I didn’t get to know her as a person – obviously she was trying to steal the guy I was coupled up with. I don’t know her well enough but at the end of the day she is a bombshell. She came in to get what she wanted and that’s what she did. I don’t know if she likes Danny or maybe he was the easiest to go for. Looking at it from the inside, I don’t see them ever working on the outside because of the age gap [Arabella is 28, Danny is 21] . Knowing Danny and knowing her a little bit, they’re in different stages of their lives. It might work in there but it won’t work on the outside.

Do you think Danny played you a little bit?

Yeah I do. I’m not sure because I haven’t watched the episodes back so I haven’t seen what’s been shown and what not has been shown. I do remember one conversation we had were he said he would rather be single in the villa than experience it with anyone else. He said that his head would never be turned. And even when Arabella did come him he did say to me that he wasn’t interested at all and he wasn’t going to look at her in the slightest. To go from that extreme, from 100 to 0 real quick made me question how genuine he was as a person. And when Arabella did come into the villa, I didn’t hear a word from him for the three days we were both in there for. It makes me question how genuine he is as a person.

Do you think you could have behaved differently?

I don’t think I could have behaved differently. Just before Arabella came in – we were having that little blip – and we did have a discussion that I did say that I would be more affectionate because i’m not an affectionate person. But I said I would be more affectionate and put in a little more effort and that’s exactly what I've done and obviously that was thrown in my face.

What did you mean by what goes around comes around?

I don’t have a revenge plan for him. I just meant that there is a guarantee that whoever you are coupled with their heads will be turned as well. So, what I meant by what goes around comes around: someone will come in for Arabella and her head will be turned and he’ll know how I felt.

How much of it is staged?

Everything happens organically; the bonds that are formed, the romantic couples - they’re all organic. At the end of the day it is a reality TV show, but I would say if not everything is real and organic. Cameras are everywhere and they are there for a reason. They can’t miss anything really.

Do you think it was unfair with Lucie that she was saved?

I had a conversation with Anton where I said that I thought no one deserves to be here anymore than anyone else. But if it did come down to Lucie, I made it clear that I wanted to stay and that I had had a rough time, and a hard time finding someone I connected with and when I did open up – it was thrown in my face. I feel like the Love Island experience, you’re supposed to experience your highest highs and your lowest lows. I felt like I experienced my lowest lows and really didn’t experience my highest highs. Lucie was ready to walk for Joe – she got to experience her highest highs in finding him and one of her lowest lows was when he left. I feel like she had the full Love Island experience. I personally don’t know Lucie very well but I don’t think she’s open to meeting someone else. She has a specific type – her ideal type would be a surfer and the chances of a surfer coming in are pretty slim. So I’m not sure how genuinely open she is to meeting someone.

What aftercare did you receive and did the producers check on you because you seemed to go through a rough time?

Throughout the whole journey there were always people checking on you. There was psychologist on set 24/7 and you have so much support and even coming out as well I've had so much support. The minute I came out, five minutes later I was with the psychologist having a chat. I feel like the aftercare has been amazing. Knowing that I have people around me that care, and knowing that there is a team around me dedicated to my welfare.

See below for the current Love Island line-up...


Love Island line up 2019

yewande biala1 of 20

DUMPED Yewande Biala

Age: 22From: Dublin, IrelandOccupation: scientist Celebrity crush: Anthony Joshua

lucie donlan2 of 20

DUMPED Lucie Donlan

Age: 21From: NewquayOccupation: surferClaim to fame: The last guy I was with was Charlie [Frederick]from last year's Love Island. We got together a few weeks after he came out of the villa.

amber gill3 of 20

Amber Gill

Age: 21 From: NewcastleOccupation: beauty therapistHow would you rate your looks on a scale of one to ten: You have to say ten because you have to back yourself! You've got to love yourself. What's the point if you don't?

amy hart4 of 20

LEFT Amy Hart

Age: 26 From: Worthing, SussexOccupation: air hostess / cabin crew managerCelebrity crush: Liam Hemsworth, he's fit. Ashley Banjo from Diversity is really fit.

anna vakili5 of 20

Anna Vakili

Age: 28 From: LondonOccupation: pharmacist What's your definition of girl code? This is really difficult because the island isn't a normal place, the real world is different. I don't know how close I can get to a girl in a few weeks. If a guy likes me, I'm there for love at the end of the day, not girls.

anton danyluk6 of 20

Anton Danyluk

Age: 24 From: Airdrie, ScotlandOccupation: gym owner Will you be loyal or do you have a wandering eye? That's a medical condition that I have… a wandering eye! I've never really been loyal in any of my relationships.

tommy fury7 of 20

Tommy Fury

Age: 20 From: ManchesterOccupation: boxerWhat's your claim to fame? It's probably my brother, Tyson, but I'm my own man and I've said it throughout my whole boxing career. I don't want to be labelled as his little brother.

joe garratt8 of 20

DUMPED Joe Garratt

Age: 22 From: South East LondonOccupation: catering company ownerWhat song sums up your love life? How Am I Supposed to Live Without You by Michael Bolton.

Michael Griffiths9 of 20

Michael Griffiths

Age: 27 From: LiverpoolOccupation: firefighterHow would you rate your looks on a scale of one to ten? I'd rate myself ten out of ten, I would have said nine but I'm a hero so it bumps it up.

sherif lanre10 of 20

KICKED OFF Sherif Lanre

Age: 20From: LondonOccupation: chef and semi-pro rugby playerWill you be loyal or do you have a wandering eye? I can have a wandering eye but I am pretty loyal. That would be an absolute must on the show.

callum macleod11 of 20

DUMPED Callum Macleod

Age: 28 From: South WalesOccupation: aircraft engineerWhat song sums up your love life? I Just Haven't Met You Yet by Michael Bublé.

curtis pritchard12 of 20

Curtis Pritchard

Age: 23 From: ShropshireOccupation: ballroom and Latin dancerWhat's your claim to fame? I would say my claim to fame is that I'm on Dancing with the Stars Ireland andAJ Pritchard from Strictly Come Dancing is my brother.

Molly-Mae Hague13 of 20

Molly-Mae Hague

Age: 19From: ManchesterOccupation: social media influencer.Celebrity crush? Channing Tatum.

Danny Williams14 of 20

DUMPED Danny Williams

Age: 21From: Hull Occupation: modelRates himself… seven out of 10.

Maura Higgins15 of 20

Maura Higgins

Age: 28From: Country Longford, IrelandOccupation: ModelCelebrity crush: Chris Hemsworth

Jordan Hames Love Island16 of 20

Jordan Hames

Age: 24From: ManchesterOccupation: modelRate yourself out of 10: 9.8. My hair, jawline and laid-back attitude are my best features.

Tom Walker Love Island17 of 20

DUMPED Tom Walker

Age: 29From: ManchesterOccupation: modelBest trait? Being nosey. I enjoy asking questions and getting to know people. I get on with everyone.

Arabella Chi18 of 20

DUMPED Arabella Chi

Age: 28From: LondonOccupation: modelHer favourite features: eyes and bum

Francesca Allen19 of 20

Francesca Allen

Age: 23From: EssexOccupation: boutique owner Her biggest turn off: 'I think bad shoes. If I see bad shoes, I think 'oh no.' Sometimes it shows how they take care of themselves.'

Chris Taylor20 of 20

Chris Taylor

Age: 28From: LeicesterOccupation: development manager What he's looking for: 'Curvy, naturally pretty and someone who gives as good as they get'

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