We’re Officially Fans Of Love Island’s Greg O’Shea

Amber deserves only the best - and that definitely isn't Michael


by Bonnie McLaren |

If you didn’t watch Love Island last night, then spoiler alert, things were well and truly shaken up. As producers hoped, Michael finally confessed he still has feelings for Amber, after he played her for Joanna. Conveniently, he was only ready to tell the ‘truth’ after a. Joanna was dumped, and b. following her date with the new bombshell - Greg - who invited her up to the Hideaway. (You could say Michael was exhibiting quite ‘CHALDISH!’ behaviour.)

We are yet to know if Amber will take Michael back, but we definitely don’t think she should - especially as the new guy Greg seems, well, lovely.

Obviously, as it's Love Island, it’s needless to say Greg is incredibly good-looking; being gorgeous is the #1 requisite for appearing on the show. But the 24-year-old only gets more attractive as he speaks - as he’s from Limerick, Ireland, with an accent to die for. And as Chris pointed out, he is incredibly charming.

As we said, gorgeous ©ITV

First of all, we love him because he picked Amber for a date - who needs to be lured away from the toxic influence of Michael. In fact, Greg told her that he thought she deserved she deserved to be taken out after all the shit she’s had to endure. ‘You deserve a date after everything you’ve been through with Mike,’ he told her. ‘You deserve to be spoiled.’ But, on the date, he didn’t let Amber, and her confidence, intimidate him either.

The new boy is also a rugby player - complete with a broken nose - who is training to be a solicitor. As Amber said, law plus rugby means he has 'something about him'. Greg O’Shea is stable; he has long-term career plans, because while he loves playing rugby, he knows he can’t be ‘battered around’ forever.

Also, another reason that we fancy him is that he has already angered Curtis - and could be magic ingredient the villa needs to derail Curtis and Maura, the world’s fakest - and most unlikely - couple. For the second date of his choosing, because they’re the only two Irish left, Greg asked Maura to breakfast - which led Curtis to say he hoped that the luck of the Irish wasn’t with Greg. Maura made it clear she’s into the ballroom dancer - but, with only two weeks left, her head most definitely could be turned.

Whether he ends up with Maura, Amber - or any of the other girls - in the looming recoupling, we hope the luck of the Irish is on his side.

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