Are Kaz And Tyler Being Edited Out Of Love Island? Viewers Certainly Think So

Other than last night's date, viewers have noted that precious #Kyler moments are rarely aired despite dumped islanders saying they're the most compatible in the villa...

Kaz and Tyler

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Last night, we got to witness some precious #Kyler screen time in the form of Kaz Kamwi and Tyler Cruickshank’s final Love Island date. We say precious because, according to viewers, such scenes are hard to come by.

For the last week, many Love Island fans have noted a severe lack of Kyler conversations – with many now asking: Are Kaz and Tyler being edited out of the show?

They point to the otherwise mundane conversations between other couples that we’re forced to watch for almost entire episodes and cute scenes we often see of Millie Court and Liam Reardon. Meanwhile, moments of affection between Kaz and Tyler are rarely the centre of a scene – they are however, often seen being #goals in the background or corner of other clips.

It’s not just the lack of scenes though, it’s the discrepancies between what we see as viewers and what dumped islanders say about the couple. When Brett Staniland and Priya Gopaldas appeared on podcast Love Island: The Morning After this week, both of them noted how cute and compatible Kaz and Tyler are.

‘They are really solid, I can definitely see them outlasting the show by miles,’ Brett said. ‘They like bicker, and then I’d come down to the kitchen and Tyler would be trying to make her nails perfect for her and glue one of them back on. I was like “Guys!”’

Even Matt MacNaab - the Irish islander dumped by Kaz for Tyler earlier in the season - only had great things to say about the pair, admitting ‘Kaz and Tyler are meant for each other’. What’s more, not one of the other islanders voted for Kaz and Tyler as ‘least compatible’ during last week’s dumping. In fact, they were barely mentioned during the deliberations – proving islanders think that they’re at least as compatible as favourites-to-win, Millie and Liam.

So what’s going on then? Are Kaz and Tyler deliberately being given less air time? And if so, why? Viewers have a few theories.

Love Island fans have long-debated hidden agendas from production, but we do also see quick responses to fast-moving narratives on social media translating to the show. For example, when fans were screaming for the Love Island girls to be made aware of their partners behaviour in Casa Amor, producers brought back the Love Island postcard that had previously been axed after complaints of contestant manipulation. When everyone demanded Liberty be made aware of Jake’s cheating-coercion also in Casa Amor, they actually created a new challenge where islanders watched themselves back in order to show Liberty the true level of his sabotaging.

Perhaps then, with more people asking the question and demanding Kyler scenes, producers will act fast once more and give viewers what they want. Until then, we’ll be scanning the corners of our TV screen for treasures of the pair…

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