So, Do Jake And Liberty Quit Love Island Tonight As A Couple?

There are lots of theories - and some reports claiming to be out and out spoilers - concerning the fate of Jiberty within...

Do Liberty and Jake leave Love Island?

by Rhiannon Evans |
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It's Friday - we should be thinking about how we're going to celebrate the end of the week. Instead, all we're thinking about is DO JAKE AND LIBERTY LEAVE LOVE ISLAND?

After Liberty appeared to end things with Jake last night (and he seemed.... confused? Nonplussed? Tired?) do Jiberty quit in tonight's show, just days before the finale? AND, importantly, do Jake and Liberty leave Love Island as a COUPLE, or remain split?

Let's break it down...

Do Liberty and Jake get back together?

Lots has been made online about the the preview of tonight's show, that last night showed Liberty and Jake walking to tell the group something.

The internet was first divided in two camps: either Liberty and Jake were about the leave Love Island OR they were engaged... we're so not sure about the latter.

But then, everyone rewatched the three second clip again and realised that Liberty was actually wearing the bracelet of Jake's that he gave her.

Do Jake and Liberty leave Love Island?

Viewers had just watched Liberty split up with Jake and give him back said bracelet, so many speculated that the couple had gone on their final date (as is Love Island law) and rekindled things.

Perhaps Jake had said, 'You're my gurlfriend' 17 times and things were fine after all?

The only thing that piqued everyone's interest was the clip being ended with Millie pulling A VERY SHOCKED FACE.

Speculation started to run rife that Liberty and Jake leave Love Island on tonight's (Friday's) show.

So, do Liberty and Jake leave Love Island?

Well, reports are a weird mix of 'we're not sure' versus some claiming to know for a fact that they are, and doing out and out spoilers for the show.

We of course asked Love Island producers if Liberty and Jake leave Love Island, but for now, they're staying quiet. DAMMIT.

However, the Daily Mail claim they have spoken to sources close to Jake and Liberty and that they have quit Love Island just days before the final.

A source said to MailOnline: 'It was a really tough decision for the couple to make, but it felt like the right thing to do.

'It's not 100 per cent over for Jake and Liberty, there are still a lot of feelings involved, so who knows what will happen in the future.'

Around the same time, bizarrely, clothing brand Pretty Little Thing tweeted that Jake and Liberty have left Love Island, as if total fact, with no kind of context.

Needless to say the internet is ABSOLUTELY FUMING at them and say the brand have completely ruined tonight's show.

But whether the brand have an inside track on whether Jake and Liberty have quit Love Island, or just seem reports and jumped on them (or, dunno, maybe Jake's ordered something on his debit card??) is yet to be seen.

Until tonight then... if MOMENTOUS NEWS like this can hold that long...


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