Love Island: This Video Proves The Clues Were Always There With Liam

After rewatching this forgotten scene, we really should've known we would cheat in Casa Amor...

Liam Reardon

by Georgia Aspinall |

Another episode of Love Island, another reason to despise men. Particularly, those that behave like Liam Reardon has since Casa Amor began – abandoning his ‘Millie Moo’ for… soon-to-be Lillie Loo? Honestly, if there was ever a case for remaining single forever, it’s this.

In the last week, Liam has gone from cuddling up to Millie Court at any opportunity, to telling Lillie Haynes ‘I’m looking forward to going to bed because you’ll be next to me.’ It’s like watching a rom-com in real life, Lillie the obstacle to Millie and Liam’s true love, where you hope and pray he goes back to her in the end, except without the heartfelt soundtrack and moving-on montages, it’s more like a horror film.

Why is it so hard to watch? Well, because we all fell in love with Liam – and not just because he and Millie were so cute together. Don’t get me wrong, he’s not exactly the Prince Charming of the villa, but he certainly had viewers pining for his one-liners and Lucinda impressions. With Millie, he seemed genuinely invested – the only connection we could get behind without that irksome feeling that it might not last.

But actually, like Millie, we we’re duped – and the signs have always been there. For evidence you need look no further than his first week in the villa, when he told Faye he would ‘purposefully be a home-wrecker’ in order to get what he wants. Yes, really.

How did we all forget this little lost moment that is now HAUNTING to watch? Well, male privilege most likely. We say that because, Chloe Burrows said the exact same thing in her introductory interview – honestly, in a more joking fashion than anything – and was torn apart for an entire week before we even got to know her. Still now people troll her for making light of being ‘partial to married men’, yet not one person seems to have remembered Liam prides himself on being a homewrecker until now.

His first date with Faye is also starting to look different now, where he said he was looking for someone to keep him on his toes – which let’s be honest, is code for needing a toxic relationship to maintain interest. Then there's the fact that he didn't shut down AJ Bunker's advances despite telling others he wasn't interested, instead dancing around the subject to the point she was on the brink of choosing him at her recoupling.

That’s where the age-gap comes into play though isn’t it, Liam being 21 and Millie 24.

Millie has raised it before, prior to them appearing to develop feelings regardless, confessing that she was worried the different maturity levels would cause issues between them. Well, here are the issues – Liam might look about 42, but her certainly has the emotional maturity of a 21-year-old if it’s this easy to go from ‘I am falling’ and ‘I’ve never felt this way before’ with Millie to ‘I’ve wanted to [snog] you all day’… within 48-hours of meeting Lillie.

Honestly, looking back at the signs, we should’ve seen this coming – but who can blame us for getting invested in the one love story that actually felt real on both sides? Jake Cornish, it’s on you to prove us all wrong with Liberty Poole now…

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