Wait, Are There Stunt Doubles On Love Island?

One viral TikTok appears to show not one, but two Damis.

love island shock

by Bonnie McLaren |

We all know our favourite risky scenes in movies are performed by stunt doubles. But there could be stunt doubles on - wait for it - Love Island. If this TikTok is to be believed, it looks like there could be doubles of the Islanders in the villa. Yep, if it sounds bonkers, that’s because it is.

TikTok user egibney1993 uploaded a clip from a recent episode. ‘Right, watch this shit yeah,’ a man says before showing the baffling moment, ‘I’m very confused, so there’s seven boys. Now watch this.’

Then, the screen shows a scene where it looks like there’s not one, but two Damis. A Dami by the firepit, and Dami walking away with Davide?! ‘Who’s that?' the man asks. ‘He’s wearing the same t-shirt? What is going on?’

As the camera is panning during the scene, it’s likely just a continuity and editing error. But we’d like to think that each of the Islanders have doubles, just in case some serious drama happens.

Heck, there might need to be stunt doubles in a few episodes time, as yesterday we found out that Casa Amor is about to begin. And it’s not looking good for Jacques O’Neill and Paige Thorne as bookmakers predict that Jacques is odds-on at 4/7 to have his head turned during Casa Amor, while Paige is the least likely contestant - at 16/1 -  to look elsewhere.

Also speaking of production, Winter Love Island contestant Shaughna Phillips recently revealed that islanders rehearse their recouplings speeches with producers. (To be fair, recoupling speeches will probably be watched by more people than their actual wedding speeches, so it seems only fair.) Speaking on the Should I Delete That podcast, Shaughna said: 'You kind of go over it with a producer before, that night. So like during dinner time you kind of talk through it. It's really produced. They kind of ask you to go for chats and certain things. It's a TV show, so I get it.’ She also said the filming days are incredibly intense: ‘You're running on four or five hours sleep, if that. There's scenes of me with a wine glass with steam coming out of it, because there's tea in it. That's me just trying to stay awake.'

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