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Don't get us wrong, we've enjoyed every series of Love Island, Anna, Amy, Michael and Molly-Mae{ =nofollow}. So, in no particular order, here are some of the reasons that we'll never, ever forget that series.

Curtis telling Amy he just wants to be the person who gets up and makes everyone a cup of coffee so they're ready for the morning

I swear I will hear Curtis saying this phrase at the fiery gates of Hell.

Ovie just being there for a summer holiday


See also: Chris just pissing around, being there for a summer holiday, occasionally shouting 'SALMON'. (Remember when one woman actually got this image - of Chris wearing two pairs of glasses - tattooed on their body? A lot to digest there.)


Maura trying to win over Tommy Fury

When she entered the villa, Maura really did try her best to steal boxer Tommy's heart. Despite seductively sucking an ice lolly in front of him, her efforts - let's not forget, extremely controversial at the time - were not successful.


'See if you're all mouth'

Oh my God. I have recently rewatched this moment - and I still can't believe it happened, let alone that we were all blessed with watching it.

ICYMI: when Tom secures a night in the Hideaway with Maura, he tells the lads that he can't wait to see if Maura is 'all mouth'. Maura overhears, but the best bit is when Tom is actually stupid enough to repeat the phrase when she asks him what he said. She then tells him to go f*** himself, while the guys scream and hold each other in fits of raucous laughter like schoolchildren. I am still experiencing secondhand embarrassment for the man, who will only ever be known for this moment.


Michael Griffiths
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Tommy Fury and his alien conspiracy theories

Proof of why you should watch Unseen Bits, as Tommy uttered the immortal words: 'Aliens are going to replace humans. So you could see an alien be an electrician... You could see a piece of bacteria cooking some meatballs in the kitchen.'

Anton crying when Craig David performed in the villa

I mean, in fairness, who wouldn't cry if Craig David turned up in your garden for a heavily sponsored performance in order to help flog a Ministry of Sound album?

Belle - who Anton was partnered with in the villa - reportedly ditched the gym owner five weeks after the show finished when he met Craig without her in Ibiza. She then subsequently told friends that she was breaking up with him because he was 'more interested' in Mr 7 Days than her. Right.


Sherif being kicked off the show

The scandal! When Sherif mysteriously disappeared from the show, without so much as a mention, the nation was just sat thinking: 'WHY?' We thought, oh goodness, what could it possibly be?! It must be serious. Anyway, he revealed in an interview with the Sun on Sunday that he accidentally kicked Molly-Mae in the groin and called it a 'c*** punt'.

Amber crowned the first solo winner of Love Island

Greg? I don't know him. Never heard of him.

Anton's mum

Meet Sherie. Legend, icon, and yes, she still shaves her son's bum. Even rapped about it. ITV, we'll be needing her on a future series.

Storm Anna

The villa was rocked off its hinges by a thunderstorm towards the end of the series, when Anna found out her boyfriend of two days, Jordan, had pulled India for a chat. Most iconic fight in reality TV history? It's up there.

Anna accused Jordan of being a gameplayer - 'you only asked me to be your girlfriend so you could get through to the finals, YOU'RE A GAMEPLAYER, yes you are' - and then screamed: 'NO WONDER YOU'VE HAD ONE RELATIONSHIP AND F***** ONE HUNDRED GIRLS.' Points were made, Anna. Points were made.

Maura just deciding to go for Curtis

Honestly, it's been a year and I still can't get my head around it. They were together for eight - yes, eight - months after the show as well. Oh, and Curtis even tried to slide into her DMs before the show. It really is a small world for aspiring reality stars.


Remember Lucie calling attractive men 'bevs' for about two days? And everyone was like: 'Lucie, stop trying to make bev happen, it's not going to happen.' Good times. I miss it.

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