Love Island: Would Luca Saying ‘Elephant Juice’ Give You The Ick?

Wondering what the phrase means, you’re not alone… And for some, it’d be a huge dealbreaker

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by Bonnie McLaren |
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Last night’sLove Islandwas sickly sweet. It looks like the turmoil of Casa Amor has passed, as Andrew Le Page and Tasha Ghouri became boyfriend and girlfriend. And Luca Bish and Gemma Owen admitted that they loved each other.  ‘I think I’m in love with you,’ Luca admitted to Gemma, before clarifying: ‘No, I am in love with you.’ He then later told the Beach Hut how telling Gemma, for her to also reply with ‘I love you’, was one of the best evenings of his life.  (As a single person, last night’s episode was a lot to endure - but I’m not bitter.)

Though Gemma and Luca’s chat might have been cute, there was one question lots of people have been tweeting and asking Google, Luca kept on making reference to ‘elephant juice’ saying they went from ‘elephant juice to I love you’ and a lot of people want to know what I means. And, luckily, we have the answer.

What elephant juice on Love Island mean?

Well, unlike the ‘beauty salon’ on this year’s Love Island, which the Islanders are using as a euphemism for any sexual acts - such as manicures and treatments - elephant juice actually has a more innocent meaning. If you mouth the words ‘elephant juice’, it looks like ‘I love you’.

Is elephant juice an ick?

Well, it depends. Some might think it’s sweet - it’s clear Gemma does, and we’re happy for her - but for some, it’s an ultimate dealbreaker. (Though Gemma did say in last night’s episode if she didn't know Luca she would have got the ick from his dancing, after the islanders enjoyed a performance from Becky Hill at the villa party.) Anyway, one colleague agrees that it definitely would be a proper dealbreaker. She says: 'It would absolutely give me the ick if my boyfriend used "Elephant Juice" over simply saying "I love you". Are we still in primary school? If you can't say it properly or think it's too soon, just don't say it at all! Gives me shivers thinking about it.'

Where does the term elephant juice come from?

Like many things, the popularity of the term is grounded in pop culture. The term became more popular after the 1999 film of the same name, which follows an engaged couple and their friends. The synopsis of the film reads: ‘Four young couples attempt to navigate the twists and turns of modern romance in this romantic comedy-drama.’

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