So Apparently The Love Island Villa Is Plagued With Flying Cockroaches

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Love Island

by Georgia Aspinall |

Spending your summer in the Love Island villa seems idyllic. Eight all-inclusive weeks of luxury surrounded by beautiful people you could make lifelong relationships with could be a dream scenario. Yes, the cameras watching you, ensuing fame and onslaught of online trolling might put you off a bit – but ultimately, the two months themselves doing nothing but socialising and sunbathing sound sublime. Alas, the Love Island villa is not as luxe as it seems…because it’s being plagued by flying cockroaches.

According to (spoilers ahead) former Islander Elma Pazar, the pests leave contestants running and screaming all day long. ‘The flying cockroaches are a nightmare. They fly around when we are trying to relax,’ she told The Sun, ‘some of the girls are screaming every time they come near.’

Elma left the villa during Tuesday night’s episode after a shock dumping saw two couples split apart with both her and Joe Garratt forced to leave the show. Revealing all the behind-the-scenes gossip we want to know, she also spoke up about the no masturbation rule in the villa.

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You canu2019t masturbate

With rumours swirling that Sherif was booted from the villa for masturbating in the shower, The Sun reported that he would 'spend hours' in there - however, he wasn't necessarily masturbating himself. 'When producers told Islanders they have to get ready to film a challenge, Sherif was deliberately spending ages in the shower. He said he couldn't be bothered,' the source said. Avoiding challenges or participating in some healthy self-care? All we know is 2 months without masturbating is a long time to go...

‘I'm pretty sure they've all been ramping them out to be honest. I'm not going to lie. They are in there a long time,’ she said, ‘I'm pretty sure, you can't have all of the boys not doing it, in one way or another. You couldn't do that. I couldn't imagine any boys not doing that. They've done it all privately.’

Alas, it does mean more than one of them have likely been caught on camera as she also revealed that there are even cameras in the toilet. And yet, there is so much we don’t see. From swarms of flying cockroaches to entire Islanders (remember when we just didn’t see Sherif for like three days before he left?!), it seems that we truly have no idea what’s really going on inside the Love Island villa despite it being on every single night of the week.

To be honest, we can understand with the cockroaches, they’re not exactly the best mood-setter. Trying to find love and have romantic moments surrounded by the creepiest of crawlies WITH WINGS? Not ideal.

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