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This Is Why Brexit Could Mean The End Of Love Island

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Usually, when Love Island ends for the year we feel like we’re lost in the dessert, not sure which way to turn with nothing but our memories to comfort us. This year, the finale of Love Island couldn’t come quick enough, and when Jack and Dani we’re predictably crowned the winners, we longed for the days of Love Island season two- when we didn’t feel as if we’d wasted our entire Summer keeping up with an overly contrived yet dull show.

Now, it seems we will never see a return to Love Island 2016 glory, because we might never be able to watch Love Island again. Why? Because of the same thing that’s caused a ton of unexpected (or expected if you’re a remainer) grievances for the past 18 months: Brexit.

According to Labour MP Jess Phillips, working in the EU will be much more difficult post-Brexit, which means our lovely bikini-clad contestants and the crew that contrives their love lives may not be able to head over for an 8-week stint in Mallorca.

‘To work in another country will be much more difficult and Love Island I think would be considered to be work,’ Jess told The Mirror.

Of course, this issue is slightly more concerning for the 900,000 workers and dependents of workers currently living abroad in Europe. For those British citizens, whether or not they are able to stay employed in the EU is a constant question, leaving them in limbo until our Brexit deal is finalized – in about 800 years at this rate.

That being said, it would be something of a pitiful but hilarious joke if Love Island being cancelled was the accelerator for a good Brexit deal, protecting workers rights and possibly pushing a second referendum. If anything can bring the country together to stay in the EU, it’s the possibility of never seeing Love Island again…

You can of course keep up with this years stars on social media though. Find their Instagram handles here...