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We’ve Been Watching The Wrong Love Island This Whole Time

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It's time to turn our attention to the other side of the world

It’s Love Island season and as those of us who have been glued to our TVs or (more likely) other streaming devices every evening will know, this season hasn’t really picked up the pace yet. In fact the memes are funnier than the actual show.

Tune in and your likely to find Wes and Laura snuggling up in one corner, Jack and Dani being adorable in another, one of the guys giving Alex yet another pep talk in the bedroom, and Adam chatting up a new arrival on the sun deck. It’s pretty predictable.

The most dramatic moments so far have been Eyal and Alex’s argument over Meghan (after which Alex ironed Eyal’s shirt because he felt so bad) and new guys Charlie and Josh sneaking into the villa while the others were asleep.

Well, we need to turn our attention over to Love Island Australia where two contestants had to be pulled apart this weekend after a fight broke out. Turns out the islanders had been voting to evict people from the villa, and after Justin (a male model) left, contestants Eden (a prison officer) and Grant (an electrician) got into argument over who they voted for.

If you missed it, the socially-savvy producers at Love Island Australia cut the clip and put in on Instagram just for you.

Now we’re not condoning violence in any way, but it seems as though Love Island Australia is just a little more interesting than the British version where the most exciting moment from last night’s episode was Alex putting on some ripped jeans.

Need another reason to watch Love Island Australia this season? British Love Island power couple Chris and Kem are rumoured to be making an appearance on the Australian version of the show later this year...

You can't currently watch Love Island Australia in the UK, but their social media team posts clips round the clock - the Love Island Australia YouTube channel is your best bet for a slice of the action.

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