Love Is Blind Fans Think They’ve Already Spotted An ‘End Game’ Couple In Season Three

Be warned, there are some serious spoilers ahead…

Love Is Blind Alexa and Brennon

by Daisy Hall |
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Contains spoilers for the first four episodes of Love Is Blind, season three.

Who cares that they’ve only seen four episodes of the latest series of Love Is Blind? For fans, less than four hours is all it takes for them to be convinced that Alexa Afia and Brennon Lemieux will go all the way on the show.

And of course, they all took to Twitter to share how excited they were for the first engagement of series three with one viewer commenting, “Alexa and Brennon are end game”. Another tweeted, “I am rooting for Brennon and Alexa so hard.”

Yes, Alexa and Brennon have got some undeniable chemistry, but have we learnt nothing from the fiasco that was Chanita Stephenson and Jordan Emmett-Connelley from Married At First Sight UK? Putting pressure on your favourite couple when you only see the smallest amount of their everyday lives can result in heartbreak- for them and for us.

Hopefully Alexa- who’s a 27-year-old insurance agency owner- and Brennon- a 32-year-old water treatment engineer- will follow in the footsteps on series one contestants Cameron Hamilton and Lauren Speed who were also the first couple to get engaged on the show and are still together to this day.

Alexa and Brennan have already started having some deep conversations with each other, talking about Brennon’s parents divorce and engaging ‘I love yous’ before even meeting each other. Luckily, when they did meet the chemistry between the two of them just grew with Alexa saying, “I have zero words. I’m like, obviously, really happy.”

Unfortunately for the show’s golden couple episode four has hinted that there may be some trouble ahead with differing ideas on parenting and family life.

Speaking about their families, Alexa tells Brennon that her family are pretty lax with swearing saying, "Even with the kids [we're like], ‘Stop being such a f***king p****y right now’”.

Brennon however admits that his family are more traditional revealing, "With our kids, I'm definitely, like, ‘Sit up straight for every meal.’ You know what I'm saying?"

"No," Alexa responds. AWKWARD.

Hopefully the pair will be able to resolve their drama and fulfil fans’ fantasy of making it down the aisle.

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