Sam Thompson Reads Zara McDermott An Emotional Love Letter In Tonight’s Made In Chelsea

Your first look at tonight’s episode is seriously cute.

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by Bonnie McLaren |
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One of the only things getting us through lockdown at the moment is Made In Chelsea. Obviously filmed before social distancing became a thing, this series is just as dramatic as ever. But despite some rocky patches, luckily it looks likeSam Thompson and his girlfriend Zara McDermott, are going from strength to strength - so much so that Sam has written Zara a love letter.

In an exclusive teaser for tonight’s episode, it all gets a bit teary as Sam tries to prove to Zara{ =nofollow}how much he loves her (the pair have been together since summer last year). Reading the letter, Sam tells her: ‘I wish this was back in Jane Austen times when Lieutenant Adam McDermott would come over and ask “What do you have to offer my daughter?”and I would say, “Sir, I have absolutely nothing” but what I can offer is my whole heart and everything in between to try and show your daughter the happiness and security that she brings me every day.’

No wonder she's crying.

As usual, Made In Chelsea will be on at 9pm tonight to brighten up our Mondays.

And don’t forget, tonight Emily Blackwell will be answering all of our questions after tonight’s episode on our Instagram @graziauk. Tune in from 10pm to hear all the best Chelsea gossip.

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