Amy Schumer Has A Brand-New Comedy On Disney+ And We’re Obsessed

Life & Beth has gone down so well with viewers it’s already been renewed for a second season…

Life & Beth

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Pause your weekend plans, block out your calendar and pick up some popcorn, there’s a new TV series in town you won’t be able stop watching this week. Life & Beth, the latest genius development from comedian Amy Schumer has premiered on Disney+, already proving a fan-favourite online.

Starring Schumer herself – who also directed and executive produced the show – as well as Michael Cera, Susannah Flood and Violet Young, the 10-part comedy-drama is a classic Schumer tale. It follows Beth (played by Schumer) a woman who has built a seemingly impressive life – great job, hot boyfriend, nice apartment – come to terms with how unsatisfied she truly is after a traumatic experience forces her to confront reality.

Through flashbacks to her teen self, (played by Young), Beth goes on a journey of self-discovery littered with hilarious, awkward and relatable moments.

Life & Beth

Using that dry, sarcastic humour we’ve come to love from Schumer, Life & Beth has been described as her most intimate project to date, drawn from her own life and exploring her often turbulent relationship with her mother.

‘My mom was really destructive and did really harmful stuff, and also I felt so special and loved growing up,’ Schumer recently told The Hollywood Reporter. She did ensure her mum saw every script, and in fact they watched the whole series together. ‘And she’s been really fucking cool about all of it,’ Schumer continued. ‘She’s like, “I’m 73, I own my mistakes” and that’s the thing: My mom is insanely flawed and I also love her an insane amount.’

For those of us that relate to the tough female family dynamics, Life & Beth is proving a hit. In fact, many have taken to Twitter to share their love of how the show tackles such emotional issues with both wit and earnest vulnerability.

Life & Beth

Viewers will be happy to note then that it’s already been renewed for a second season, giving Schumer the opportunity to answer all those lingering questions fans have from season one. And after bingeing the entire series in one day, naturally we can’t wait either (don’t say we didn’t warn you to stock up on snacks!).

It’s one of many new comedies proving a hit with Disney+ subscribers, alongside the extensive back catalogue of iconic films and TV shows on the streaming service. Honestly, you could fill every weekend of 2022 with Disney+ must watches (and at only £7.99 per month at that), but we’ll let you start with Life & Beth for now…

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