A Love Letter To Hermine From Great British Bake Off

We especially love her inspiring words about being a single mother.

Hermine Bake Off

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As we reach the second half of Great British Bake Off, we are starting to grow fonder and fonder of our little tent bubble crew - and one of our big loves is Hermine.

Hermine is fast becoming one of Bake Off twitter's favourites, not only is she an excellent baker, but she seems to be a truly excellent person too.

Could Hermine be the winner of Bake Off 2020? It's entirely possible. She's consistently won the judges over without having a total mare at any point, seems unflappable and actually knows what things like a creme mousseline are.

In a 2020 world, Hermine seems to be one to the those things we can all get behind, especially once a week on Tuesdays, around 8pm on Channel 4. That's when Hermine's social media fanbase gets to work.

In 80s week, the Great British Bake Off judges finally caught up with our love and gave Hermine star baker for making an ice cream cake that wasn't a total and utter disaster - and was actually, pretty excellent.

But mostly, when Hermine's son, Stephen, ran onto the screen to tell her he was proud of her, we all just TOTALLY LOST IT.

It was a great moment for Hermine too, as she posted about on her instagram account, @bakealongwithhermine. Hermine's Instagram account now has more than 13,000 followers, who she told, 'It was so lovely hearing him say he was proud of me.'

Those who follow Hermine's instagram account will know that she often gives little inspirational talks to camera about her life.

And in a recent post, Hermine opened up about being a single mum and gave a shout-out to everyone doing the same.

'This is a shoutout for the single parents like me who are out there,' said Hermine in the video. 'Single parents, especially single mothers get a lot of shade and they’re working very hard to raise kids that are an asset to society and I want to say kudos.

'For those of you who feel trapped, I want you to know that single parenthood is not a fatality. I graduated with a degree in banking and finance and when I had Stephen, I went back to train to qualify as an accountant. I’m still studying, have two more papers to go, working full time and taking on Bake Off.

'So don’t despair, you can still go get your dream, don’t give up on them and keep doing your thing. Lots of love.'

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Hermine is 39 and was born and raised in Benin, West Africa - she moved to London is 2001 to pursue her further education.

Hermine says she began baking with her mother and that the French influence in Benin has instilled in Hermine a love of high-end pâtisserie. She is also a dab hand at sourdough – so much so that her nine-year-old son now refuses to eat any other bread.

Hermine was the inaugural recipient of the 'Pruegasm' - as it was dubbed by presenter Matt Lucas, whenjudge Prue Leithhad a very... excited reaction to Hermine's white chocolate cake.

After years of Hollywood Handshakes, we're delighted to have a new guy in town. Thanks to Hermine for the start of our new face, the Pruegasm.

With the show being filmed under tight covid restrictions in a bubble this year, the contestants have got particularly close

Hermine recently visited Marc and his family in Cornwall.

And also met up with Sura, Rowan and Mark before lockdown.

That's a lunch table we'd like to be at...

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