There’s A Hamilton Song For Every Lockdown Mood

Locking eyes with the first possible sexual partner you’ve seen since March? There's *obviously* a Hamilton song for that...

Hamilton is on Disney Plus now

by Rhiannon Evans |

It’s a big weekend over on Disney Plus as Lin-Manuel Miranda's mega-hit musical, Hamilton, hits the streaming service (Frozen 2 launches too...). It's the first time the show has been put on film, meaning everyone can see it, without the usual 18 month wait for a ticket.

The musical has a host of celeb superfans, from Oprah, to Barack Obama, to Harry and Meghan. There has been many a think-piece about why it's so popular - and there's probably 100 reasons. But one is, of course, the just absolutely incredible song-crafting skills.

What's perfect about the songs, is that they cover a whole life's worth of human emotions and issues. Ok, we've never fought a war for independence or for power in US politics, but somehow there's so much in the lyrics that is relatable. Some songs are just bangers.

And with us all having a lot of FEELINGS right now, we realised the Hamilton soundtrack had a song for every mood and moment in lockdown.

When you can’t be bothered to do your daily exercise

My Shot

Alexander Hamilton went from poverty to becoming an American Founding Father and this is all about him being hungry for action. If he can manage that, you can manage week 3 of Couch 2 5k.

Get ‘Young Scrappy and Hungry!’

When the guy you’ve been chatting to all lockdown ghosts/dumps you


If you’re ready to scream your lungs out in fury, it doesn’t get much better than Burn. Firstly, the lyrics are like, so, like, made for you, yknow? ‘I’m re-reading the letters you wrote to me, I’m searching and scanning for answers in every line, for some kind of sign, of when you were mine.’

Yes! Feel it! Sure, Elizabeth Hamilton is singing about her husband writing a public letter outing the fact he had an affair to a whole nation, but pain is pain. And you get to end singing THIS LINE: ‘I hope that you… BUUUUUUUUURN!’

Chef’s kiss.

First night out seeing your girlfriends

The Schuyler Sisters

‘WORK WORK!’ This is the perfect we are OUT OUT LADIES song.

If you’re really cool, when you’re getting ready, you could Facetime each other and sing this at each other, but ADDING IN YOUR OWN NAMES. We’ve not been out for a while, ok?

I mean ‘Look around, look around, at how lucky we are to be alive right now!’

Locking eyes with the first possible sexual partner you’ve seen since March


We’ve spent years building up our defences against the patriarchy – specifically f***boys. But it’s been A WHILE. So we might, find ourselves a bit helpless ourselves when we finally have a ‘lock eyes moment’ with someone who is NOT in a Supermarket. ‘Down for the count, and I'm drownin' in 'em.’

For Helpless, see also: trying to understand the lockdown rules at present.

Locking eyes with the first possible sexual partner you’ve seen since March… and your friend does too.


Satisfied is just a total gem to belt out at any time, to be honest. It could also work if you’ve been ghosted, or let down by a Zoom dating partner. But it obviously really comes into play in this very specific, act-quick-or-miss-you-chance heat of the moment. And sorry, but it’s the best song on the soundtrack. You can fight me in the comments.

Having the lockdown horn

Say No To This

Self-explanatory really. It’s been a while. It’s hard to say no to this, let’s be honest.

When you’re not invited to a work meeting you should’ve been

The Room Where It Happens

There’s a specific feeling when you don’t get invited to a meeting what you should’ve been invited to in an office. And sat on your tod at home, it feels even more infuriating. Share Aaron Burr’s pain.

When you’re trying to persuade your other half/housemate to stay at home

That Would Be Enough

There’s bound to be some ‘You are NOT going to the pub’ feuds bubbling under as the pubs open following lockdown. Hey, how about singing this at your partner/housemate as they try and leave the door. Could work?

You’ve put the kids to bed and you remember you do like them

Dear Theodosia

There’s a lot of (too much) chat about ‘WINE TIME’ once the kids are put to bed. But most parents also have another emotion, around three minutes into WINE TIME. ‘Ahhhh, the kids are quite lovely really aren’t they?’ Obviously, you’re feeling this because you are now going to not see them for 12 hours (hopefully, who knows) as they sleep. But if you want to revel in the moment, enjoy this lovely song.

You need to cry

It’s Quiet Uptown

Sometimes you just need to let it all out. If you’re having trouble letting it all out, give approximately seven seconds of this song a go. If you can listen to this song without crying, then maybe check your pulse.

Side note: ‘I spend hours in the garden, I walk alone to the store…’ We can't...

Cancelling your gym membership

You’ll Be Back

Ugh, ok, we’re cancelling – we’re not going to go back, we’re just REALLY into Zoom yoga and running 5ks now. But somewhere, somewhere, the gyms are smugly humming ‘Da da da da da!’ because eventually, like the predictable old humans we are, we’re probably gonna be back, aren’t we? See also: Hairdressers and everyone who now thinks they can cut their own hair…

Existential dread at 2am

Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story

Not sure if this is kill or cure for those 2am moments. But the idea of our lives being part of history, how you’re viewed and the way you’ve treated those who get to tell your story… makes you think doesn’t it? Yeah maybe that’s not going to help the insomnia…

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