Cassandra Dawn Hits Back At Bre Tiesi For ‘Vagina’ Comment On Selling Sunset’s Reunion

She's explained where it came from, and fans have wild theories about the root cause of their feud...

Cassandra Dawn

by Georgia Aspinall |
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It’s always interesting to see what people choose to search on Google when a dramatic episode of a major TV show airs – especially a show like Selling Sunset, where the drama is always top tier. And given Bre Tiesi’s comment about Cassandra Dawn having ‘her vagina all over the internet’, you’ll likely be unsurprised that now ‘Cassanda Selling Sunset vagina’ is a major breakout search term on Google. The people really are shameless when it comes to their Google history, right?

Bre’s comment was the culmination of a long-term fued she seems to have with Cassandra, after the fellow real estate agent appeared on Selling Sunset in an effort to join the Oppenheim Group. On the show’s reunion last night, while Cassandra did not appear herself, host Tan France asked Bre about her dislike towards Cassandra, who claimed to know her from ‘the industry back in the day’ (what industry she’s referring to is unclear, as Bre is someone of a jack of all trades – she’s modelled, performed bottle service at clubs, has a fitness app and has appeared on other reality shows like Wild N Out and WAGs.)

Speaking about when Cassandra called Bre classless on the show, Bre responded ‘I’m not gonna have some girl that has her freakin’ v**ina all over the internet tell me what’s classy.’ What was Bre referring to? Well, Cassandra herself has broken it down.

Here’s why Bre Tiesi says Cassandra Dawn has her vagina all over the internet

Responding to an Instagram comment about the dig, Cassandra explained that she used to do glamour modelling for Playboy.

‘I was a playboy playmate in 2018, and so was Bre’s close friend and cast mate Heather years before me,’ Cassandra said. ‘If I cared about anyone judging me for doing that, I wouldn’t have made that decision. I don’t blame her for trying to put me down in any way she can, bc she seems to REACH for anything she can to be mean and justify her random hostile behaviour. Maybe she didn’t realize she’s also putting her friend down as well lol.’

‘Oh, and not to mention, Bre is on Only Fans,’ Cassandra added. ‘No judgments about that but let’s not be hypocritical here! 💅🏽’

Bre does have an active Only Fans account, but that doesn’t necessarily mean she posts any nudity. While the platform has a reputation for promoting explicit material, many people also use Only Fans as a platform to provide paid-for content that is not explicit in nature. When promoting her Only Fans, Bre said the content would include ‘behind the scenes footage’ from her life, plus ‘never before seen images, and so much more on Bre TV.’

One thing we must condemn though about the way this feud has escalated is the unnecessary judgement that’s creeping in in regard to sex work. Whether or not Cassandra is involved in sex work should not determine her class or value as a person, and to imply such only perpetuates further judgement and stigma around the industry. Sex workers deserve the same level of respect granted to anyone else.

Why does Bre Tiesi not like Cassandra Dawn?

What this drama does tell us though is that the feud is far from over. There’s still much to be figured out about why Bre has taken such a strong disliking to Cassandra, and where the feud started from, with endless rumours online. While Bre is sticking by her initial explanation that she doesn’t know Cassandra that well and found it uncomfortable how much she knew about her, Cassandra has equally doubled down that her and Bre have known each other for years – even going as far to showcase old Instagram comments Bre posted on her selfies.

TikToker’s have some wild theories about the feud, of course, claiming that Bre must be hiding something from her past that Cassandra might now about. This is all unsubstantiated though, and many of the allegations being shared online are not fair to repeat without Bre publicly commenting herself. With that said, we’ll have to tune into the next season to find out more!

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