Big Brother: Who is Yinrun Huang?

Yinrun Huang

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We've had Princess Diana, we've had Cheryl and we've even had Mary Earps. But now Big Brother has gifted the nation with a new sweetheart and she goes by the name of Yinrun Huang.

The Shanghai-born house mate is yet to receive a single nomination, which comes as a surprise to no one. Three weeks into the Big Brother experience, Yinrun continues to dazzle with her warmth, wit and charm. The house mates love her, we love her and even when she breaks the rules people love her.

But who is the famous Yinrun and why did she decide to go on Big Brother? Here's everything you need to know.

Who is Yinrun?

Yinrun Huang is one of this year's Big Brother house mates. So far she has formed close friendships with Trish Balusa, Henry Southan, Jordan Sangha and Matty Simpson and has credited them for helping her come out of her shell.

Only three weeks into the series and Yinrun has proved herself to be a firm favourite with viewers. Outside of the show, she lives in Harrogate and works as a customer support agent.

Who is Yinrun's boyfriend?

Yinrun has spoken about her boyfriend on the show and says they met when she moved to the UK. They have been together for more than a year and she brought a photo of him into the house with her. In a heartwarming conversation, Yinrun said her boyfriend has helped her express how she feels.

'I was thinking, I don’t say "love" in China,' she revealed. 'I never express that to my parents, even. Not mentioning to my friends and saying "I love you," I don’t say that. But since [I've been] here, I met my boyfriend and my boyfriend expressed that to me which makes me feel more open. I feel like I can express that too.'

How old is Yinrun?

A lot of viewers are curious about Yinrun's age. She is 25 years old.

Who did Yinrun nominate this week?

This week, Yinrun nominated Hallie and Kerry for eviction. However, because she asked Henry for advice on who to vote for before entering the diary room, she had her nominations revoked and was sent to the slammer in the garden.

This meant that Hallie had one fewer vote and therefore tied with Dylan, who is therefore also up for eviction. For many Trish and Hallie fans, in breaking the rules and discussing nominations Yinrun unknowingly improved both their chances of being saved. She's even been dubbed 'an evil genius' by fans on Twitter.

Yinrun on Big Brother

Before entering the house, Yinrun said that she joined the series as it seemed like a lot of fun. 'I think this is such a fun game show. I think it's another adventure for me. I'm a pretty adventurous person,' she said.

'I’m most excited about being surrounded by so many people from different walks of life. I don't think I will ever live in a house again with so many different kinds of people. I’m from China and I think it will help me be more immersed in British culture.'

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