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You Need To Go On A Prosecco Trek In Italy

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Get your walking boots on, there’s finally a reason to go trekking. Better yet, another reason to up and move abroad, you can even buy a house on Prosecco Road. La Strada del Prosecco, is a 20-mile stretch you can walk, cycle or drive down- stopping at 175 wineries on the way (so maybe don’t drive.) That's right, no more basic Prosecco bottomless blow-drys, you can now go on a bottomless Prosecco trek in Italy.

Based in the region of Veneto, the home of Prosecco lies along a winding road running from Valdobbiadene to Conegliano. The route boasts beautiful views, and even better vineyards. The family-run wineries are notorious for the best Prosecco in Italy, with a huge variety and affordable prices. Some of the wineries even produce still Prosecco which is impossible to find outside Italy. It’s a bloat-prone woman’s dream, so all of our dreams.

While the area is still largely undeveloped, the surroundings are said to be scenic, with Conde Nast Traveler referring to it as ‘tourist-free’. This means only one thing, pack your rose-gold Prosecco glitter, and book your tickets now. With Brits being the world's biggest consumers of Prosecco, we can't imagine this route will remain untouched for long.

That being said, there is the issue of it being on a mountainside that is sure to put the faint-hearted off. The narrow, meandering path has steep cliff edges in parts, which is why you might consider getting a taxi or tour guide (you can do the tour in one day here).

If you’re brave enough to try it yourself, ensure you book tours and tastings in advance, as some wineries aren’t open to passers-by. Or, if you want full access to your choice of wineries, you can even rent an Airbnb along Prosecco Road. Prosecco on Prosecco Road? That’s the ultimate Instagram boomerang.

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