Brits Are Now The World’s Biggest Consumers Of Prosecco


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We love a glass of prosecco in the sun as much as the next summer-lover, but we're not sure whether to be impressed or embarrassed by this latest news.

It turns out, Britain is now the world's biggest consumer of prosecco.

We in the UK consumed a third of all the bubbly stuff produced last year, as the Italians celebrated a record bumper harvest.

The Consortium for the Protection of Prosecco said producers churned out 410.9 million bottles last year, an increase of almost 45% from 2014.

And, in a somewhat dubious accolade, it seems Brits ate driving the demand.

Brits consumed a third of all prosecco produced last year: the sparkling wine is grown in valley vineyards just north of Venice ©Getty

Prosecco is produced in the winding, vineyard-peppered hills of north-eastern Italy.

The alpine conditions here are ideal for nourishing the "Glera" prosecco grape.

The way it is fermented - using the efficient “charmat” method in big steel tanks - is the reason why it's more friendly on the wallet than Champagne.

The original Bellini recipe drew its inspiration from prosecco; it was dreamt up by the legendary Harry’s Bar in Venice in 1948, as the perfect finishing touch to white peach puree.

There have been plenty of "pure" prosecco spin-offs over the years, so you should always check the bottle carefully.

Those marked "DOCG" - meaning "Denominazione Di Origine Garantita" - are the best, since they were produced in the original prosecco region.

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