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Bridesmaid Hunger Games? This Bride Is Making Her Friends Compete To Be In Her Wedding Party

There are even legal contracts involved...

We may hate the term Bridezilla, but let’s be honest, there is nothing more fascinating that the mind of a demanding bride or groom and the ridiculous expectations they have of their wedding party. Whether it’s grooms threatening to burn down the venue because “this is my wedding and if I want to burn this place down I will”, or brides asking guests for £1000 each to attend the wedding, the psyche of someone planning a wedding is captivating.

First things first, let's be honest and admit bride or groomzilla's aren't a thing, these people weren’t driven power-mad by wedding planning, if you’re telling your wedding party they can’t cut their hair without approval, you’ve probably always been an obnoxious idiot, and the story we’re about to tell you, well this proves that very point.

According to a Reddit thread that has since been deleted, one woman that is YET to be officially engaged has asked her family and friends to ‘battle it out’ to be in her wedding party, with very specific requirements to pass each ‘round’ and legal ramifications if you fail to complete your obligations. LEGAL RAMIFICATIONS, this woman really isn’t playing around.

The thread, which was started by the bride’s sister, stated the ‘Bridal Party Brawl’ (her sisters’ words) is all so ‘she has one less thing to worry about before the engagement’. Attaching screenshots of text messages, one read, ‘Congrats! You’ve made it into the final round of the Bridal Party Brawl!’ before detailing that there were seven ‘players left’ and only four spots available: two bridesmaid positions, two groomsmen and one flower girl.

The requirements to win? ‘Promise to host a party (must be couples) at a venue other than someone’s house’, a gift of cash or check worth ‘at least $500 (£392)’, attendance at every single shower or party with requirement to ‘purchase a gift for each one (with a value of at least $50 (£39)’ and of course, because a gift for every event isn’t enough, a ‘day of’ gift worth at least $100 (£78).

Does that mean that the flower girl, likely an actual CHILD, will have to spend $1,150 (£902) on literally just gifts in the run up to the wedding? Surely not, but with this couple you never know, especially since there are literal legal ramifications for not fulfilling the duties you fought so hard to get.

‘You will sign a contract that holds you legally responsible for meeting all of our requirements and says that if you don’t, you will be legally held to reimbursing us for the time we wasted and the stress of causing problems,’ the bride-to-be wrote.

Of course, the reddit thread was met with utter shock online, with many calling the bride ‘entitled and egotistical’. Her sister however, stated that her friends were probably not surprised by the idea having similar demands for their own weddings. ‘From what little I know of them, they are just like her,’ she wrote.

The moral of this story? Count yourself lucky you have friends that would be happy with a Nando’s black card for their big day…