Nine Of The Best Amazon Prime Day Deals On Paddling Pools And Splash Pads

Because it will get warm again... promise.

Best paddling pools and splash mats on Amazon

by Rhiannon Evans |

The way the British weather works is this: It's hot all of a sudden. We need everything to cope with the heat. But there's a shortage on everything you need - like paddling pools, splash pads and water play mats. And by the time one arrives, it's raining again.

And - bonus British points - we NEVER LEARN.

So, yes, it's a little grey, but we've still got all of July and August to come. And September, where we seem every year to forget it can also be hot.

And if you're thinking of SPLASHING OUT, there are worse things you can do, than check out these deals and discounts available on Amazon Prime Day 2021...


Amazon Prime Day 2021: Best Deals on paddling pools and splash pads

Fostoy Splash Play Mat, Sprinkle Splash Water Play Mat 68
1 of 9

Deal Price: £11.96 from £19.99You Save: £8.03 (40%)

VOXON Inflatable Swimming Pool, Padding Pool Swim Centre Pools for Kids Adults Family Indoor Outdoor Garden Toys Game Above Ground, Backyard, Garden, Summer Water Party, 250 x 180 x 55 cm
2 of 9

Deal Price: £99.99

VATOS Inflatable Sprinkler Paddling Pool for Kids 3 In 1 Wading Pools Kiddie Summer Swimming Pool 65u201dx 43u201d
3 of 9

Deal price: £26.99

Paddling Pool for Kids Large Inflatable Baby Swimming Pool 3 In 1 Sprinkler Wading Pools 170x110cm
4 of 9

Deal price: £27.99

Shakala Inflatable mermaid pool home pink round swimming pool
5 of 9

Deal price: £34.15

LUKAT Sprinkler Splash Water Pad Upgraded Whale Inflatable 3 In 1 splash pad
6 of 9

Deal price: £29.99

Splash Pad for Kids/Toddlers,67 Inch Paddling Pool
7 of 9

Deal price: £19.58

Bestrip 3-in-1 Sprinkler Pool for Kids, Splash Pad, Wading Pool for Childrenu2019s Learning Gaming
8 of 9

Deal price: £14.99

Tobeape Sprinkler Pad Inflatable Sprinkler Paddling Pool for Kids, Large Inflatable Swimming Wading Pool, 170cm
9 of 9

Deal price: £28.99

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