10 Best Sunscreens For Kids To Protect Their Skin This Summer, Plus The Hack To Actually Applying It

Get your little ones sun-ready with these SPFs

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by Remy Farrell |

Let's talk SPFs for kids. We want our children to make the most of playing outdoors, especially during six week's worth of summer holidays, but as the country edges its way into a heatwave, one thing to start thinking about now is their sun protection.

We know that a daily SPF is important for our skin to stop the effects of premature ageing like fine lines and dark spots spots, but equally important is protecting our children's delicate skin from the same harsh UVA and UVB rays that can lead to cell damage and sunburn.

While we appreciate it can be tricky to actually apply the lotion to your children, you shouldn't underestimate the importance of applying (and re-applying) an SPF on extra sunny week's like this - and yes that includes while they're at school.

Hearing your cries of frustration, Soltan - the super affordable sun lotion brand sold at Boots - have released a catchy theme tune to aid your sun protection woes. Watch below:

What is the difference between UVA and UVB rays?

UVA rays penetrate windows and cloud cover, and can cause genetic damage to cells, the same sort of genetic damage that can lead to skin cancer.Think UVA for a_geing_, as this ultraviolet ray takes its toll on the deeper layers of our skin, creating fine lines and darkening over time. Protect from UVA rays with the broad spectrum protection, look out for the phrase on the label of your children's SPF.

UVB rays cause suntan, sunburn and, in severe cases, blistering on the surface of the skin. The easy way to remember that is that UVB for stands for burning. UVB rays are at their strongest when the sun is at its highest and unobstructed by clouds, also the most important time for babies and children to wear sun hats and stay hydrated.

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What SPF factor should children use?

Most experts recommend an SPF 30 or upwards for children, but equally important is checking that it covers the broad spectrum protection to block UVA rays too. The NHS recommends that babies should be kept out of direct strong sunlight, so invest in a parasol for holidays. And although March to October are the sunniest months in the UK, UV radiation is present all year round, so cloud cover isn't a reason not to lotion up.

Research has shown that you don't necessarily have to buy a separate sun lotion for yourself and your kids, but formulas for children offer sufficient protection and tend to be sensitive-skin-friendly and hypoallergenic for delicate skin.

So whether you're planning a vacation, staycation, or getting active kids ready for outdoor playtime, these are some of our favourite SPFs to keep your little ones safe this summer.

Shop: The Best SPFs For Kids 2022


Shop: Best SPFs For Kids 2022

Best SPFs For Kids 2022
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La Roche Posay's grown up SPFs are bestsellers for a reason, but this invisible spray has been specifically developed to be gentle on those suffering from sun intolerances, and is infused with thermal spring water for refreshing and cooling mist. SPF FACTOR: 50+

Best SPFs For Kids 2022
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The light, whipped mousse texture of this sunscreen means smooth and even application for a barrier against dehydration, wind, chemicals, heat and water. It's also fast absorbing for impatient kids who can't wait to get back in the sea. SPF FACTOR: 50

Best SPFs For Kids 2022
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Bioderma's unique ecobiological fomula supports the skin's natural barrier to protect against UVA and UVB rays, and be coral reef safe. The non-sticky, non-greasy formula is also non-comedogenic, so it won't block their pores and trap heat when applied to the face.SPF FACTOR: 50+

Best SPFs For Kids 2022
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The same high level of protection as the Ultrasun Extreme, the kids SPF is formulated with a booster ingredient, Celligent, to protect against UVA, UVB and Infrared A with enhanced DNA and cell protection. SPF FACTOR: 50

Best SPFs For Kids 2022
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A super water resistant formula designed with active kids and regular swimmers in mind, this mist won't disappear after a splashing in the pool. The eco-friendly dispenser sprays without the need for chemical propellants making it environmentally safe too.SPF FACTOR: 70

 Best SPFs For Kids 2022
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Expect fragrance free, mineral protection from this natural sunscreen with moisturising ingredients organic sunflower oil and organic coconut oil for easy application on sensitive and dry skin.SPF FACTOR: 50

 Best SPFs For Kids 2022
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Soltan Kids 3hr Protect & Swim lotion has the highest 5 star UVA rating for its clinically tested formula. One application allows for up to 8 hours sun exposure and 3 hours water exposure, so good luck prizing them away from the sandcastles.. SPF FACTOR: 50+

Best SPFs For Kids 2022
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This milky, easy to apply spray offers optimum protection from UV rays, and the best part? Lancaster's ingenious anti-sand feature minimises the post-playtime sticky mess. SPF FACTOR: 50+

Best SPFs For Kids 2022
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A high street favourite for decades, this creamy spray protects against sunburn and sun-induced skin damage. The soothing and moisturising lotion protects against sun exposure and long-term UV-induced skin damage and helps to reduce the risk of sun irritations.SPF FACTOR: 50+

Best SPFs For Kids 2022
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A long lasting, water resistant, face and body sun cream especially designed for little ones with sensitive skin. the broad spectrum and anti-oxidant cream contains zinc oxide for mineral UVA-UVB protection is infused with Thermal Spring Water to leave skin supple and soft.SPF FACTOR: 50+

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