The Best Foam Playmats For Safety-Conscious (But Cool) Parents

For tummy time to toddler tumbles.

Best foam playmats

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Playtime is one of the most important things you can do with your child to aid their development, but hours of sitting on the floor can take its toll; this is when a foam playmat becomes worth its weight in gold. They provide a safe, comfortable surface for your little one to explore so you can focus on the fun without worrying about discomfort. Lay out the best toys from the playbox and enjoy endless playtime.

A foam playmat offers extra cushioning while they explore the world. From tummy time to those adorable first wobbles and inevitable toddler tumbles, these mats are your secret weapon for keeping tears at bay. This helps ease those parenting worries whilst they master their new-found skill, even when they begin propelling themselves off indoor climbing toys.

Having a space that's specifically designated for the littlest family member is also a good idea if you live in a boisterous household. It can be helpful for older siblings to have a clear visual reminder of where they need to stay calm and gentle, too.

Best Foam Playmats At A Glance:

Best foam playmat overall: Totter + Tumble Mariner and Roamer Compact Reversible Playmat, £140 on John Lewis

Best foam playmat for design: Tutti Bambini Luxury Padded XL Reversible Playmat Cathedral & Dash, £129 on Boots

Best tile foam playmat: Paco Home Store Puzzle Mat, £48.09 on Amazon

Best alphabet foam playmat: Hibtn Baby Play Mat Double Side, £20.99, on Amazon

Lastly, and arguably our favourite thing about foam playmats is they tend to be incredibly easy to clean. No more painfully scrubbing sick or food stains out of your beloved carpet; just a prompt swipe of a soapy sponge saves the day, making clean-up a flawless, stress-free task.

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Best foam playmat overall

Totter + Tumble Mariner and Roamer Compact Reversible PlaymatCredit: John Lewis

We can all agree that a foam playmat isn't the most desirable living room decor. Still, Totter + Tumble is breaking the mould by moving away from the traditionally terrible designs and creating a fashion-forward foam playmat and counts celeb mums such as Stacey Solomon as fans.

Not only can this playmat be rolled away when it's not in use, but online, parents like the sophisticated design, which is great if you want to leave it out permanently. This memory foam mat is incredibly easy to clean and super soft to play on - perfect for the whole family.


  • Memory foam for added comfort
  • Premium quality
  • Easy to roll away for storing


  • Light colours can mark easily

Best foam playmat for design

Another chic offering from the world of playmats is the Tutti Bambi Luxury foam playmat. This mat has a reversible design, and each side is neutral, making blending into any room easier. We think that this mat would look especially great on hard floors as the subtle teal-dotted side can bring an element of flair to the room. Reviewers love this design and commented about how comfortable it was.


  • Reversible design
  • Comfortable
  • Well padded


  • Some customers didn't like the gloss finish

Best tile foam playmat

Puzzle MatCredit: Amazon

Puzzle foam mats are great because they double up as a fun activity. Older children can enjoy making words or putting titles into alphabetical order, and they are also much easier to put away when they aren't required. We also like using tile mats outside when the weather is warmer as they offer added cushioning from the hard garden floor.


  • Educational
  • Multi-purpose
  • Easy to clean
  • It can be used outdoors


  • Some customers noticed a scent when they initially opened the tiles (this fades after time)

Best foam playmat for storage

Taf Toys - Urban Garden Foam PlaymatCredit: John Lewwis

One of the biggest setbacks of a foam playmat is having the space for one. The playmat will inevitably hijack over half of your living room, but this mat actually comes with a carry case, which reviewers found made it super easy to store.


  • Texture design is good for sensory development.
  • High-contrast design that is engaging for newborns
  • Reversible floral pattern for toddlers and young children
  • It comes with a convenient carry case


  • Requires a little bit of space

Best foam playmat for toddlers

SUPERBE BEBE Reversible and Non-Toxic Thick Foldable Waterproof Foam Baby Play MatCredit: Amazon

If you have a little one who's crazy about automobiles, then this foam playmat is the ideal setting for their imaginative play. This reversible mat comes in seven alternative, equally engaging designs for toddlers. Unlike the Totter + Tumble playmat, which has a matte finish, this mat has a shiny plastic covering, which is great for gliding cars and keeping it clean, but some customers expressed that it doesn't look as premium.


  • An engaging car design that is fun for toddlers
  • It comes with a carry case
  • Larger mat, which is good for older children who may require more space


  • Some customers found that it wasn't as durable as other mats

Best foam playmat inspired by nature

Uanlauo Store - Baby Play MatCredit: Amazon

Rrp: $45.99

Price: $39.09

Fostering a love for nature in childhood is incredibly important. This sweet woodland-themed mat encourages outdoor exploration, education about the ecosystem and an appreciation for the natural world, even when they are cosily playing indoors. Some customers found that the illustrations began to fade with certain cleaning products, so it's best to use warm, soapy water and a clean sponge.


  • Mulitple size options
  • Three design-inspired options
  • Non-slip material


  • Illustrations can fade over time


How to clean foam baby playmats

Like all of your baby's essentials, keeping your foam playmat clean is essential. The good news is that all the mats featured in our list are easy to clean, but to ensure the product's longevity, here's how to keep your child's play mat clean and safe for them to use.

• Regularly check the mat for any spills or stains. Tackling spills as they arise avoids discolouration on the mat and endless scrubbing.

• Once a week (or a few times a week, if needed), give the mat a good shake and hoover. This will remove any crumbs and dirt from the mat.

• Grab a damp, soapy cloth and wipe the mat down. This is particularly essential if the mat has been used outdoors.

• Give the mat time to dry in a well-ventilated area.

Are foam baby playmats safe for babies?

The best foam baby playmats on the market are made from non-toxic materials and have not been sprayed with harmful chemicals, meaning they are safe for children. Always supervise your baby when they are using the playmat, and keep an especially sharp eye during active play.

Are foam baby playmats suitable for all floor types?

While baby playmats are generally suitable for all floor types, the quality and features can vary. The tiled playmat performs well for outdoor terrains, whereas the Totter + Tumble mat is ideal for indoor play. If you have wooden flooring, consider opting for a playmat with extra padding to enhance comfort.

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