The Most Unexpected Couple From Too Hot To Handle Is Still Together

As the cast reveals their relationship status, this is one pairing even Lana thought wouldn't last...

Too Hot To Handle

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If there’s one reaction you can guarantee every single viewer of Too Hot To Handle had when watching she series finale, it’s the immediate need to Google what couples are still together. From rooting for Marvin Anthony and Melinda Melrose (which, has since had quite the disappointing end), to investigating whether the holiday romance between Chase DeMoor and Tabitha Clifft became more than that, we all hopped straight online to search for those all important relationship announcements.

One couple we completely glazed over though? Christina Carmela and Robert Van Tromp. If you cast your minds back, the couple couldn’t think about anything but having sex with each other. Despite therapy sessions and emotional workshops, they never seemed to develop a bond beyond the physical. So much so, they even got kicked off the show for it before the finale.

Well, six months after filming the show, they’ve proved us all – and Lana – wrong, because they’re actually STILL together. Yes, really.

The couple announced their relationship in a VERY sexually-charged-but-also-tennis-related Instagram post this week. The caption? Well, it’s the most Christina caption we’ve ever read. ‘20 seconds turned into 6 months with you,’ she stated – joking about the rule break that saw the group lose £5,000 for a hand job that only lasted 20 seconds. We can assume Robert has made up for that since.

Now, the couple weren’t included in the Too Hot To Handle reunion episode (rude), but Christina has opened up about their relationship since being booted off the show.

‘We still can't keep our hands off each other,’ she told the Mail Online. ‘I'm really open about sex and obviously he has the nicest penis I have ever seen. He's got big d*** energy already but he doesn't have to show it off.

Oh, so they’ve really worked on developing that emotional connection then.

No, all jokes aside, it appears the pair are perfectly suited for each other. In fact, Christina told reporters she thinks they were heavily misjudged on the show, and they were actually kicked off because producers became sick of them constantly being ‘lovey dovey’ with their microphones on.

In fact, leaving together brought them even closer, Christina explained, stating that Robert had planned to travel for a few years after filming the show but decided to join her in Cape Town for Christmas instead. One New Year’s Eve, a birthday and valentine’s day later, the couple had spent four months in South Africa together.

‘Besides the show and everything else he is the kindest human I have ever dated,’ she said. ‘He is so considerate, he wants to do everything to make me happy, and I used to walk over someone like that but he just keeps me entertained… We talk every day, I'm the least jealous person and so is he. Honestly, that's why I love him so much. Nothing bothers him, which is amazing, I love it.’

For now, the couple appear to be living in London together, so you best believe we’re now rooting for a reality TV crossover to Made in Chelsea. Something about Robert’s last name tells us he’d be more suited to that than The Only Way Is Essex, but we’ll take any opportunity to watch these lovebirds on our screen again.

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