It Turns Out There’s A Lot We Didn’t Know About Too Hot To Handle’s Marvin Anthony

As his split from Melinda Melrose is confirmed, rumours of his many children and countless reality show appearances are going viral…

Marvin Anthony and Melinda Melrose

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In a sea of summer reality shows that are giving us serious trust issues when it comes to men, there was one couple that could’ve saved us all: Too Hot To Handle’s Melinda Melrose and Marvin Anthony.

Their journey on the show was genuinely emotional to watch (for Too Hot To Handle, that means A LOT) and Melinda’s undeniable star quality had us all desperate for her to find a happy ending. Well, it turns out that’s not Marvin. Sigh.

It might be Peter Vigilante though, who confirmed their romance yesterday with an official couple post on Instagram. Honestly, we’d hope so – but we’re still reeling from the heartbreak of finding out Marvin ghosted Melinda after the show. That’s right, ghosted.

Why did Marvin Anthony and Melinda Melrose break up?

‘We were supposed to meet in Tulum, in Mexico, I booked my flight to go there and then we fought and then I didn’t go,’ Marvin explained on the season two reunion – to which Melinda quickly added that he didn’t just ‘not go’, he completely dropped contact with her.

‘We were supposed to be in Mexico, that’s correct, I booked the Airbnb, I had things planned,’ she detailed. ‘But then of course Marvin and I did get into an argument, that is true, but he could’ve put his big boy pants on and still came. But he decided to cancel his whole flight. The day that he was supposed to come, I was trying to text him, he was ignoring my text. I was texting Chase [DeMoor], ignoring me too. I was left in the dark, I was pissed. And then he goes to Mexico a month later.’

Marvin appears to still be reeling from it too, because despite commenting ‘Good job buddy’ on Peter’s Instagram post confirming his new relationship with Melinda, he’s since unfollowed both of them on social media. In an Instagram Live this week, he also refused to answer whether he still has feelings for Melinda, and genuinely reeked of that same infuriating attitude he had early on in Too Hot To Handle – remember when he kept ignoring Melinda over the slightest thing? That should’ve been our red flag.

Now though, his reputation has gone from the ghoster of our one true reality Queen, to an all-out actor. Fans of the show have done a deep-dive into his past, and found out he has been on four reality shows in the past year alone.

First was France’s version of Love Island, which was filmed in early 2020 but came to an abrupt ending when the pandemic swept South Africa – where the villa was based. Then in July 2020, he joined the cast of ‘Les Marseillais vs le Reste du monde’ (The Marseillais vs the rest of the world) – which pits people from Marseille against another group from around the globe. (Yes, he did say he was from Paris on Too Hot To Handle… where do the lies end right?!)

While the rest of us were in lockdown, Marvin was continuing his reality TV pursuits, booking another show in 2020 before Too Hot To Handle called ‘Les Princes de l'Amour’. In that one, he was dubbed a ‘prince’ and was pursued by various suitors. Then came To Hot To Handle, which was filmed in September 2020. Clearly, he had a very, very busy year.

But wait, the drama – and business – doesn’t stop there. Not only is he a seasoned professional at reality TV (which to be fair isn’t inherently bad, but it certainly raises some questions about how he prioritises fame and the scandal needed to sustain it, over having a genuine serious relationship with our fave Melinda), he is also rumoured to have four children to different women and owe £17,000 in child support.

Does Marvin Anthony have kids?

Naturally, that little bit of information has gone viral online, with fans pointing to the scene on Too Hot To Handlewhen part of his effort to open up emotionally to Melinda saw him state that his dad left his family home when he was young and he never wanted to be like his father. Now, 'Marvin Anthony kids' and 'Marvin Anthony children' are major breakout search terms on Google Trends for the star.

The thing is, those rumours are entirely unconfirmed. Tweets point to one screenshot of an article that is neither linked nor appears credible. Given that there are allegedly four women involved, and four children, it’s safe to assume there would be A LOT more evidence to confirm rumours like this if they were true. Hell, Marvin clearly makes his living off reality TV, having so many mothers to his children would be a hot ticket to his own show, and more of the fame he clearly craves – never mind the fact that the press would be all over every single mother involved to get their inside scoop. The lack of evidence then means we simply cannot confirm this rumour unless Marvin states otherwise.

What we can confirm though, is that Melinda deserves better than a man who ghosts her so soon after proclaiming to be a changed man. Let’s pray her and Peter become the real winners of the series…

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