No, Stephen Bear Does Not Have His Own MTV Show In The Works

MTV UK were quick to deny his claim that he has a new reality show coming out next year.

Stephen Bear

by Georgia Aspinall |

It was a sunny Thursday afternoon when some cold, depressing news hit my phone. ‘Have you heard Stephen Bear has his own TV show?’ a friend texted me. Surely not, I thought, he’s quite literally under investigation for charges of voyeurism, two counts of disclosing private, sexual photographs and films with intent to cause distress, and an allegation of harassment without violence.

What company would dare give him his own show? According to Stephen Bear, MTV UK would. ‘Excited to announce that I’ve confirmed an offer with @MTVUK and start filming my new show ‘keeping up with Stephen Bear’ Want March to hurry up now,’ he tweeted earlier this week.

'Bear reality tv show' has since become a rising search term on Google. But rest assured, Stephen Bear absolutely does not have an MTV show coming out in March.

A spokesperson for MTV UK was quick to deny they have any projects in the works with Stephen Bear, confirming to Grazia that it’s ‘definitely not true’ and the rumours are totally unfounded.

Alas, it seems to be a pattern of Stephen’s in his incessant need for attention. His Twitter account features a series of claims about being invited to high profile events by major brands, none of which materialise.

‘Literally the real-life Jay from The Inbetweeners,’ one person responded to his tweets. ‘The delusions are strong with this one,’ another replied.

His attempts at trolling the internet are fast receiving less and less attention, ever since he was accused of sharing sexual content of fellow influencer Georgia Harrison without her consent. In July, he appeared in court for the four above charges, pleading not guilty. The trial is set for February next year at Chelmsford Crown Court.

Georgia has been unable to speak publicly about the case since criminal proceedings began, but has posted an emotional video on Instagram warning about the effects of revenge porn.

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