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Has Kylie Jenner Joined The Anti-Sharenting Movement?

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Kylie Jenner caused a stir last night when she posted a #selfie on Instagram with her child half cropped out. Fans were quick to pick up on the alleged shade of her own baby. However, Kylie hastily responded explaining she would no longer be sharing pictures of her baby.

‘Yeah I cut my baby out. I’m not sharing pictures of my girl right now’, she told one follower. She has since deleted all pictures directly showing Stormi’s face in an attempt to give her baby more privacy. There are various rumours surrounding the sudden need for anonymity, with one being that the family has received threats of kidnapping. However, one likely reason could be the protection of her daughter’s future financial security.

As one of the most famous baby in the world, there is likely many people keen to find out Stormi’s personal information, and after Barclay’s report into sharenting last month showed that parents were putting their children at risk of massive fraud by sharing their information online, it’s a very real concern.

According to the bank, parents who share their children’s information online are making them more vulnerable to online fraud when they grow up. Since parents will share everything from their names, birthdays and place of birth, to their maiden name, school, teams they support and names of pets, they’re essentially telling the world all the things that their child may end up using as their password or security questions.

As we know, any information posted online stays there, forever, so there’s no time limit on people accessing personal information that could lead to online fraud. In fact, Barclays forecasts that it could cost £667m in just 12 years, with it accounting for two-thirds of identity fraud by 2030.

Estimating 7.4 million incidents of identity fraud per year by the end of the next decade, the bank is warning that personal details as exampled earlier could easily be used for fraudulent loans or online credit card transactions once the young people are adults.

‘Through social media, it has never been easier for fraudsters to gather the key pieces of information required to steal someone's identity,’ said Jodie Gilbert, head of digital safety for Barclays, ’It is vital to think before you post, and to carry out regular audits of your social media accounts to prevent that information from falling into the wrong hands.’

Stormi Jenner is already one of the most reported on babies in the world, and Kylie herself has been vocal about her disdain for being put in the public eye so young, so it makes sense that she would be hesitant about sharing her child’s image more than it already is. And with sharenting causing a real problem for future generations, her decision to take her baby offline could be the best one she makes for Stormi’s future.

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